Monday, November 15, 2010

This one's for you babe...

Because we miss you, and I know how much you are missing them right now.

See, my love and I had a great weekend...thanks to his sisters.  We cheered for the Auburn Tigers in person while the kids hung out in our home town with their cousins.  It was so fun.  We were like kids again.  But we missed these two blonde hair, blue eyed kids.  It's hard being away from them.  So there was a lot of "Look how cute she is!" and "We have to get Jonah a Cam Newton jersey like his!"  This is what you do as parents away from your kids.  And then of course, we went shopping for them.  

We got back late last night and my love had to hit the road today.  So, this is for you.  For ordering your boy 100 Pokemon Cards on Ebay for like two dollars.  For all you did for us before you left the house today.  So that I can tell you how Jesse said she wanted you to rock her to sleep tonight and how much she told me she missed you.  And just because I love you and sometimes should trust in you a little more.  You are our foundation.  Be safe and come home.


Tonight we cheered for Auburn and for Daddy.  They loved their gifts babe. 

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