Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Disney Duck Encounter

Ok, so somehow we pulled off a little vacation during Spring Break.  It wasn't pretty at first...I mean, I wasn't pretty, but that's boring to talk about.  I was just sick with the crud Jesse had the previous week and anyway...bla bla's all Good.

Moving on.

So, we drove to Orlando...the four of us, Grandmommy and Aunt Kelly.

As soon as we landed and busted out of that Tahoe, we hit the pool.  I was watching the kids when Kelly brought my attention to this little fellow swimming in the water.

 photo Disney_Spring2013_8465_blog_zps8673de4a.jpg

"Look at the duck swimming in the pool!" said Aunt Kelly.

 photo Disney_Spring2013_8467_blog_zpsa48d8f17.jpg

Wow, you don't see this every day.

 photo Disney_Spring2013_8469_blog_zpsf7fb1324.jpg

"What's up buddy?" we said.

 photo Disney_Spring2013_8470_blog_zpsa4132cff.jpg

"Ahhh, it's just a normal day for me, what's up with you guys?" said the duck.

 photo Disney_Spring2013_8471_blog_zpsb65196e5.jpg

"What's this?"

 photo Disney_Spring2013_8472_blog_zps6f616f18.jpg

"Girlfriend's got some cute flip flops," he quacked.

"Thank you.  Please don't take them with you," I responded.

 photo Disney_Spring2013_8473_blog_zpsd4178460.jpg

"What kind of duck do you take me for lady?"

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry, " I responded.

 photo Disney_Spring2013_8463_blog_zpsd2e08470.jpg

"Seriously, I'm a Disney duck.  You might want to keep an eye on those black birds back there though."

 photo Disney_Spring2013_8459_blog_zps1a9ddd2a.jpg

"They are constantly trying to steal my food and such."

"Good tip, thanks!" I said.

 photo Disney_Spring2013_8460_blog_zps108caf71.jpg

"So, I would appreciate a snack pretty quickly...if you don't mind," the duck asked.

 photo Disney_Spring2013_8455_blog_zps5d80e447.jpg

"I'm waiting," he quacked with a little impatient concern.

 photo Disney_Spring2013_8454_blog_zps1d81b653.jpg

"Sit!" commanded Jesse.

 photo Disney_Spring2013_8452_blog_zps038da851.jpg

"I can sense you have a dog at home and he is well trained on this command.  I'll try, but these black birds are moving in, and I got places to be," the duck responded to Jesse.

 photo Disney_Spring2013_8448_blog_zps39a5e6d0.jpg

"Bring it on.  Yeah baby.  That's what I'm talking about!" the Disney duck happily exclaimed.

He enjoyed his snack, then walked to the bar and had a Margarita.  He probably chatted with the bar tender about the weather and such and was on his way.  Perhaps on his way to visit Donald.  Who knows?

And that is how our vacation started.  I knew it was going to be good.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Laugh Every Day

The words aren't coming easy, so not many words...I don't think.

 photo March2013_8344_blog_zps570fe633.jpg

It was a jam packed last 5 days of sadness, tears, laughter, confusion, excitement, an injury, a sore tummy and now fever.  Now, not all of these things physically belonged to me, but a Mom sort of feels it all right?

 photo March2013_8342_blog_zps6b74ee8e.jpg

I was the one on the emotional roller coaster.  I'm on the Mind Bender, and we keep passing go.  I'm very glad it's not the Georgia Cyclone, because that one really makes me nauseous.

My dear friend lost her Mom last week, and I was heart broken.  But...I was uplifted as well.  It was joyous to learn how much happiness that this wonderful woman brought into the world.  I want to laugh every day and be a better person because of her.  She was a true Kindred Spirit in every sense.  I get to see so much of her live on through my friend, and I am so grateful.

 photo March2013_8339_blog_zps1b6da4ee.jpg

Jonah brought me all the excitement and injury.  His game this weekend was beyond intense.  He collided with a runner at home plate in the last inning and slightly sprained his foot (we're pretty sure that's all it is).  He actually went back to his position and finished out the inning somehow.

Just imagine an awesome photo of all this unfolding.


 photo March2013_8333_blog_zpsae5d5c38.jpg

Jesse is the one that hasn't felt like herself at all.  It has been off and on until last night when the fever hit her.  You know the look they get when fever hits, right?  All I had to do was look at those eyes, and I knew.  The doctor said it's viral.  I hate not walking out of that office with a cure, but always glad it's not worse.

 photo March2013_8332_blog_zps036424c5.jpg

She's going to be fine.  She was blowing these bubbles just hours before she got really sick.

 photo March2013_8330_4x6_blog_zpsa1dbb694.jpg

You know, it's amazing how strong they can be.

I grabbed my camera when I saw her playing Sunday afternoon, because I felt like I hadn't taken just every day photos in a while.  They are always my favorite.

 photo March2013_8348_blog_zps66b8d52f.jpg

Not sure how to wrap this up.

It's all worth the ride.

Laugh every day.

Love, Heather

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Ok, to say I love softball is an understatement.  I have the fondest memories of playing ball.  I started playing T-ball (with the boys) as soon as I was old enough to.  My team was Buck's Grill.  We were sponsored by a local restaurant in my small town.  Our jerseys were black with white lettering and my hat was black with a big "B" on the front.   I have my hat to this day.  It is very special to me.  I know I wasn't that great at this stage, but I was definitely drawn to the sport and couldn't get enough of it.

I loved being a part of a team.  I loved the excitement before a game.  I loved running on the field.  I loved the way it felt when you hit the ball in the sweet spot, and it seemed like it was never going to touch the ground again.  There's nothing like it.

When I got a little older, I started playing softball and my Mom coached my team.  We were baby blue and sponsored by Harden Vet Clinic (also in my home town).  I have a picture of my Mom and I.  I'm going to find it to show you soon.  Anyway, I pitched that season.  I remember striking out my archenemy.  It was a wonderful feeling.  She had stole my man, and I wasn't about to let her get away with it.  I probably could have ended my softball career right there and been completely satisfied.  Oh the life drama of an elementary kid.

The funny thing is...we became friends later in high school...good archenemy and I.  The guy we were fussing over in our elementary years turned out to be a total dork.  Funny to think about that now.

Shoot, this post wasn't supposed to be about me.  Jesse, I just felt like you should know the reason I felt like you would enjoy the sport too.  I mean, you might get to strike out some girl that steals your guy some day.  Wouldn't that be cool?  No, no, no...that's not what it's about.  I think?  Anyway!

The fondest memories are the bonds I made with the girls on my team, my Mom and I, and also, the love I developed for the game.  My only regret was that I didn't continue to play through high school.  I'm not even sure if it was an option to be honest, but it would have been nice to have continued.  I am thrilled that you have this option (if you want it).

It was your Opening Day last Saturday.  It was your first day as a softball player.  Your team is the Red Hawks.  It's quite confusing, because you are pink.  You are the pink...Red Hawks.  Hey, I like it!  Anyway, it's a 6U league and you just turned 5, but you are hanging in there and doing fantastic!

The first few wouldn't let go of us.  We had to follow you to the field.  You acted shy.

But then, you warmed up.  You seemed to really like your coaches and teammates.

You loved the idea you were playing with "all girls."

You listened to your coaches when they gave you instruction.  I watched you take it all in.

And it paid off on opening day.  It really did.

Aunt Kelly, Ms. Kelly and her Mom came to see you.  I love that you can see them in the background here with all smiles anxiously awaiting your big debut.

And honey, you hit a pitched ball.  You hit a pitched ball at every at bat.  Girlfriend didn't need a T!


And you ran to first.  Yeah, you knew where to go.


And you were so proud.

And you made it around to home eventually and stopped for someone to acknowledge the fact that, yes, you indeed scored.  Thank you.  Thank you.

And you took the field like a pro.  No need for Mama anymore.

And you slammed it again, and we were all so proud.

It was hard to take your picture.  I was trying to contain my excitement.


I love this picture of your on first.

But I might love this one of you running to second even more.

And coming home!

You got this girl.

And you played second base during the second inning.  You seemed to know what to do.

I just can't tell you how proud I was.

I don't think I did this good in my debut Jesse.

But it was best seeing the smile on your face with your team at the end.  You were so proud and seemed so happy.

I was just so excited to see you be a part of something that meant so much to me at your age.  I just hoped that you would get that same feeling that I did, and I truly felt like you did.  It was wonderful to watch.

They call you "Dimples" on the field.  They call you "Dimples" because of the big smile you bring to every at bat.  It's fantastic.  I love it.

As your coaches say, "You may be small, but you bust the ball!"  Love you...Dimples.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Ball is Here!

There is nothing better...well, that's probably not true, but it seems like it on Opening Day.  I love watching Jonah play ball.  I absolutely love it.

He is playing for the Dodgers this season.  He chose number 10.  It is his last season of coach pitch baseball, and my love is assistant coach.

Doesn't he look taller?  We even had to buy him bigger pants.  What is happening????


I can't seem to slow time down Jonah, but watching you grow has been an incredible ride.  You've made us so proud.

And you didn't have to be all that good in baseball to make your Dad and I proud.

Just knowing you have passion for something...whatever it may be....whatever you makes us proud to watch you strive to be the best you can be...and that goes for on and off the best, best boy.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Seasons Change

Flag Football in the Fall

My love coached Jonah's team.  It was Jonah's first season of Flag Football.  It wasn't as serious as the padded version, but he took it pretty seriously.  I've never seen Jonah run as fast as he did on that football field.  We've decided that it just took someone chasing him.  Who knew?

I know this was an accidental coaching gig my love, but you were good.  You were fair.  The boys had so much fun.  I was so proud.

Basketball in the Winter

Jonah played basketball with third grade boys through his school.  He can get wild on defense when he's really on.  It's so fun to watch.  I turn into a crazy woman at the games yelling things such as "HANDS UP!" and "GET HIM JONAH!" and it just got worse towards the end of the season.  I got so much satisfaction out of watching his aggressiveness on the court.  I'm not sure what that means, but it is true.

They were a really good team...they were Division Champs!  Whoop Whoop!

And now comes Baseball.  I'm sure I'll have many pictures to share.  We also have a new sport to share...Jesse is playing softball this season.  It's fantastic to see her enjoying the game and "playing with just girls" as she says.  I'll try not to quote A League of Their Own too much.

The Spring is going to get really busy, so we will be splitting up love and I.  I won't be able to watch every single one of Jonah's baseball games and my love will miss some of Jesse's for sure.  I worried about this a little till Jonah said, "Don't worry about it.  I'll tell you everything that happens."  Sort of like...I got it Mom.  Chill know?

It's going by so fast.  He's acting too grown.

I think I'm going to go find a T-ball picture of him and have a good cry.