Monday, April 1, 2013

Laugh Every Day

The words aren't coming easy, so not many words...I don't think.

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It was a jam packed last 5 days of sadness, tears, laughter, confusion, excitement, an injury, a sore tummy and now fever.  Now, not all of these things physically belonged to me, but a Mom sort of feels it all right?

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I was the one on the emotional roller coaster.  I'm on the Mind Bender, and we keep passing go.  I'm very glad it's not the Georgia Cyclone, because that one really makes me nauseous.

My dear friend lost her Mom last week, and I was heart broken.  But...I was uplifted as well.  It was joyous to learn how much happiness that this wonderful woman brought into the world.  I want to laugh every day and be a better person because of her.  She was a true Kindred Spirit in every sense.  I get to see so much of her live on through my friend, and I am so grateful.

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Jonah brought me all the excitement and injury.  His game this weekend was beyond intense.  He collided with a runner at home plate in the last inning and slightly sprained his foot (we're pretty sure that's all it is).  He actually went back to his position and finished out the inning somehow.

Just imagine an awesome photo of all this unfolding.


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Jesse is the one that hasn't felt like herself at all.  It has been off and on until last night when the fever hit her.  You know the look they get when fever hits, right?  All I had to do was look at those eyes, and I knew.  The doctor said it's viral.  I hate not walking out of that office with a cure, but always glad it's not worse.

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She's going to be fine.  She was blowing these bubbles just hours before she got really sick.

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You know, it's amazing how strong they can be.

I grabbed my camera when I saw her playing Sunday afternoon, because I felt like I hadn't taken just every day photos in a while.  They are always my favorite.

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Not sure how to wrap this up.

It's all worth the ride.

Laugh every day.

Love, Heather

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  1. I read Jesse's sweet note to Carter. She is such a doll!

    I showed Carter his cousin Jesse. Unfortunately, he was most interested in her BUBBLES! Jesse is growing up so! She's no longer the cute, cheeky baby. She's a pretty little girl now!

    We love y'all!