Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For Jonah

I was showing Jonah the pictures in my previous post and he said, "No, show me the silly ones."

Ok.  I do love them. So, just before bed time, we looked over these and he laughed out loud at himself.


In between all those precious, sweet shots I get like 50 of these.  This is the real thing right here.


I love them just the same.

Actually, I think I love these more.

I love him when he gets really cracked up.  He was laughing so hard tonight.  It made me smile.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Seeing Sparks

I am hooked.  I will forever try to capture in photographs what I see in them day to day.  I'll never grow tired of this.


There's something about a mother's love.  It's indescribable.  I asked him if I could still kiss him goodnight when he was older, and he laughed at me tonight.  He smelled of cologne just before bed because his dad chased him around the house with a bottle.  It was pretty funny seeing the kids run from their father tonight.

He said he wanted some one on one time with me.  Heck yeah buddy.  There's a movie or roller skating in our future.

It will be eternally hard for me to say no to this face.  Eternally.

I don't know what to say about this one.  She captivates me.

I've just got my hands full.  Oh good grief.  She's so damn stubborn already.  Those eyes.  Lord help us.

My love for these two.  It's equal.  My best boy.  My best girl.

What's to come?

Bring it on.  I think?

This is a short one.  To my love, thank you for reassuring me on days when I think I just can't do it all.  Thanks for reminding me it's OK that I can't.

I think we all need that reminder from time to time.

I saw sparks looking back at these pictures.  It really drives me.  Thanks kiddos for letting me constantly take your picture.  Love you much.  So much.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Strawberry Shortcake Diary

I took all of the pictures in this post last weekend.  I was just loving the amazing January sky on Saturday and Sunday.  It was crazy warm and beautiful in January?  I'll take it!  How much can you say about that in a blog post though?

That's nice to talk about and all, but this sweet child right here found something of mine last weekend that I have to tell you about.


We have been rearranging the unfinished room in the basement.  We were attempting to fit more stuff in there.  Along the way, I opened one of the many tubs that was labeled "Heather's Childhood."  What was inside made my heart melt.  I had so many things, like the Garfield I slept with every single night of my youth, the tin can holding my Strawberry Shortcake Miniature collection (that to this day still smell like sweet berries), and my Astronaut Barbie.  I mean, didn't all young girls have the Astronaut Barbie?  I mean, come on.  She rocked.


But Jesse's eyes were drawn to this small little book sort of sticking out from under the stack.  She pulled it out, and I couldn't believe I still had it. It wasn't just a book folks, it was my childhood diary.  It was my Strawberry Shortcake childhood diary.

Luckily, we did not need a key to look inside.  It looked like I had lost it back in the day and had to cut the thing open at some point.  Or perhaps my brother did?  I shouldn't blame him like that with no proof.  Bad sister.  Anyway.

It was 1983.  I was 10 years old.  10 years old.  I was 10 years old, and I had a diary.  I didn't write in it that much, but what I did write was so fun to read.

All of my writing was in cursive.  Cursive.  Will they teach my kids cursive in school?  Anyway, I am so easily distracted.  It was just an observation.

Most of my writing was just silliness.  I wrote about boys.  I wrote about friends.  I wrote about my family.  I wrote if I got to watch the soaps that day.  I actually wrote about a school project I was proud of.  Nerd.

I was 10, and I watched the soaps.  I fought with my brother.  I noted when my Mom was in a bad mood, and then I would come back at the end of the day to clear it up and say her mood had changed.   The world just ended if I wasn't allowed to go to the Show on Friday night.  And goodness gracious if the cute boy didn't ask me to sit with him at the Show.  I would be completely devistated.

If you didn't grow up with me, the Show was actually my small town movie theater.  Our parents actually dropped us off at this age and picked us up when the movies were over.  We hoped a cute guy would ask us to "sit" with them.  We ate Watermelon Jolly Ranchers there.  We giggled.  We didn't actually watch many movies.  There was a tall, mean man that monitored the theater isles.  When he walked by, you were on your best behavior or else!

Life in a small town...thrilling it was.

Ok, back to 2012.  I am 38 years old, and I have a 7 year old son and an almost 4 year old daughter.  I will never drop either of them off at a movie theater on a Friday night unattended.  I will, however, attempt to find them Watermelon Jolly Ranchers.  Now that I have thought about them, I have to have them.  They need to be the square kind in the little packet (similar to Life Savers).  Do they make them this way anymore?

No, really, back to 2012.

On Sunday, we went to our favorite park again.  First thing I noticed was...when did her hair get so long?  This happened over night.

This "bench" was a real life Lincoln Log.  Super Cool.  My kids have Lincoln Logs.  I had Lincoln Logs as a child.  Honestly, we all liked Legos better.  It's just the truth, but at least they understood what this was.

I can't believe that is Luke.  He's so big.  And that ear.  That sweet ear.  It will always be a little bit tilted, and I love it.

Now for my monkeys in action.

This tree was so high off the ground.  I had to zoom in like crazy.

And Jonah was swinging with no fear.

Ha, just kidding.  It was just a low, funky limb.  It was still really fun to swing on.  I'm totally too protective to let them hang from a high limb...or go to the movies alone...like ever.

It was a great day to be out.  I love that we take the time to do this now.

But back to the diary...

I've learned something from my diary discovery.  I will buy my kids diaries for absolute sure.  I want the old fashioned kind with a little key.  I want them to write whatever they want and store it in a secret place.  And I totally want them to laugh out loud reading it with their kids when they are 38.

Because (Jesse in particular), I'm pretty sure that when you read how upset you were that Alex was not at the movies on a certain Friday night, and you sat with your friend Barry instead, who you actually didn't like but did just because he asked and Alex wasn't there for goodness sakes, and your friends Blake and Jimbo went back and told Alex and how very upset that made you...that you, my sweet daughter, will start rolling on the floor when your little girl says, "Who is Jimbo?"  You will laugh so hard you cry.  You will try to remember him and wish him well and wonder why in the world people quit naming their kids Jimbo.  Your daughter will stare at you in mass confusion and you will tell her she is free to write on the pages that you didn't.

Wait a minute...I just said my children wouldn't be allowed to go to the movies alone.  Oh well, they will not have this story, but I am sure, whatever story they have will be pretty funny.

Thank you Mom for buying me that diary.  Thank you so much!  I know you can hear me.

And in the words of my childhood Strawberry Shortcake, "Life is Delicious!"  Isn't it?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A New Beginning

Christmas was really good.

Hey there my three angels.  Do you know how much joy I get out of taking your picture?   You can't possibly understand right now.

I wish I could capture you perfectly.  Forgive me, but you have to overlook the imperfections.  Well, because the imperfections are what I love.  I can't help myself.

My sweet, best boy.  I love you so much.  Just tonight I told you for the thousandth time you were my best boy and for the first time you said, "You're the best Mom."  Dang.  I didn't want to cry tonight.  I'll never forget that...ever.  You want something right?  Heck, I don't care.

This post is nuts.  Hey Luke!  I just took this, way after Christmas.  We love you boy!


And back to before Christmas.  This was just before our seasonal trip to the city.


Kids, let's go to the city and have a nice dinner.  What you think?

It was my favorite night of the holiday.  Maggiano's is perfect during Christmas.  Who cares about shopping and gifts.  It's just us.  It's just good times.  It's just fun.


We totally snuck upstairs for this moment.  All my pictures were blury because I was sort of nervous they would kick us out.  I didn't let the kids know.  Play on!


I love living near the big city (Atlanta).  I love the experiences.

And I love going home where they have a yard that is familiar to my own youth and a kitchen (that seems to be smaller...I don't know what happened but that seems backwards).


And I do enjoy visiting the hometown we are from so they can see their cousins and grandparents.  And I will always secretly wish I could take them down the Golf Course Road (the home I grew up in), but I am thankful.

It's a new year.  There's a couple of things I want to accomplish.  I want to eat better and stop drinking Diet Cokes.  No, I just want to eat better.  I can't give up Diet Cokes.  I've tried and failed every single time.  It's impossible.

No, it is possible.  I can do it.

No, I can't.

Ok, I'll start next week.  I'm serious.

This post has no order or reason.  I'm so behind editing pictures, so I just quit.  There's no way I can catch up.


Now this is random.  I have no idea.  Don't even ask.  Jesse, I love you this way so very much.  You are so silly and goofy and extremely lovable.

I have to share this series of the kids with their cousin before Christmas.  See...all back and forth and out of order.  Goodness.  What a way to start out a new year.

This is what they came up with all on their own.

My love yelled at me to come see.  I ran like a mad woman to the yard thinking I needed to react to something.  Take charge.  Mend a wound.  But then to my surprise...it was nothing like that at all.

It was cracking us up.  This is what you do in Georgia when there is no snow and a nice hill in the backyard.

I don't know why they didn't make her get out of the wagon before they tried to pull it up the hill.

Must have been a chilly day before Christmas.

I love Kadee's new smile.

Goodness, the laughter was contagious.

And he would hit the fence so hard at the end.  Good parent?  Bad parent?  Uh, I don't know.  Luckily, no one was hurt.

We watched E.T. over the break.  Jonah got it for Christmas.  Jesse now wants to wear her hair in pig tails, and I am not complaining.  Just got to figure out where I can find those old school yarn ties for them...just like Drew Barrymore wore in the movie.  They really embraced E.T.  I'm so excited.


Basketball gym lighting is awful people.  I haven't taken as many pictures as I would like.  I'm working on it.  This one was taken in my garage in my pretend studio, which is basically a black sheet hung on the back wall.  I keep messing that up too.  Basketball has been so fun.  He's learning.  He's having fun.

This is me and my love.  He's awesome.  He puts up with me and takes me to really cool places for beer when we get a chance.

Ha!  A picture of two beers and not two kids.  Shocking.

Awesome place...The Brick Store in Decatur.  Great food....great beer.

And thanks to Ms. Kelly, we went to a concert that I loved.

If you have never heard of The Civil Wars...well, I'm sorry.  You need to look them up.  Thank you to Kelly for your music influence on all of us.

I put a few Civil Wars songs up front for you on the playlist.  Great stuff.

I have no idea how to end this post.

How about like this?


And this?


It's a new beginning.  I'm looking forward to a new year and new experiences with my family.

Happy New Year.  I'm going to try to keep up now.  And I'm going to try to stop drinking Diet Cokes...in a few days.