Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Girly things

We run around for Jonah nonstop.  Nonstop.  She's patient most of the time.  She enjoys it.  But I look back at moments like this and realize, wow, I got myself a little girl too.  She likes Hello Kitty, and she does her own nails.

And I want her to know that even though we fuss about getting Jonah here and there...we fuss about his homework and being aggressive in Jiu-Jitsu and how proud we are he got the game ball the other night...even though it seems like he is the center of everything...through all of that, she is here.  You are present Jesse girl and just as important.

And one of these days Jonah will be running around and throwing you the ball and cheering for you when you smack it out of the park with your pink bat and pink batting helmet.

And he might see you do a flip in gymnastics.  Maybe he will admire your art or even enjoy your music.

And he might just say, Jesse, great job with those nails.  Or he might say, gross, why do girls paint their nails?

But, no matter what, he and we will love you and you will have a place and you will shine.  What am I talking about?  You already do.  You brighten our world Jesse girl.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunday Morning

You know...I could complain about how tired I am.  I could complain that there is not enough time in a day.  I can say that I'm working hard and running home for just enough time to run right back out with the kids about every week night for some sort of practice.  I could complain about the condition my house is in.  I could also complain about...well, who cares really?

Or I could be thankful for it all.  I love running out to baseball so quickly after work.  I love watching her run from here to there while her brother plays.


I love that my love bought her a ring pop without me knowing, and how he seemed to want one too.

I love their cheeks.

I love how he anticipates who is getting the game ball after every game.

I love that last Friday night it was all his because he rocked a home run and made a fabulous defensive play.  I love how his hat is pushing his ears down in this picture.  Oh, and the missing teeth!  I love how he looked for us to make sure we witnessed his accomplishment.  I love how he immediately put down the snack and came towards me because he knew I would be tossing the camera for a hug in like two seconds.

I love that my love captured all this on video simultaneously, and I can watch it when I'm 80.

I loved seeing him so proud and completely unaware that they lost the game by two points.  He was the star and to him...that's a win.


I love that our team added all the kids names to their jerseys.


And guess what else?  I love the playground there.


I love these three human beings so much it hurts.

I love how the sport brings us together, gets us out of the house and away from the dirty dishes.   I love he's a Giant.

I love this beautiful child who is a twin to one of Jonah's teammates.  I love how much time she spends with Jesse as if they were the same age.  I love the admiration Jesse has for her.

It's amazing to watch.  She copies her every move and this beautiful, wonderful child doesn't even mind.

I'm just feeling very blessed tonight.  I would rather run like a chicken with my head cut off than not run at all.  I really have no plans of stopping...ever.

Well, except for maybe Sunday mornings.  Everyone needs a day.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Moment

I love this time of year.

This is what I've been so anxious about.  I looked at these trees with their tiny little buds at baseball practice last weekend, and I knew beauty was on the way.  They line the front of the small elementary school entrance; this is the school that is home to baseball this season.  Boy, I was right.  I tell you...someone knew what they were doing when they planted these babies.  They were calling my name.  It was just the three of us this day, but we managed to spend a little time under them.  I was sure my pictures wouldn't do them justice.



But even so, it felt like heaven.  Well, it did after I changed her dirty pull-up, and Jonah quit screaming about how awful she smelled.  Yeah, then it was heaven.  Sorry sweet baby girl, we're working on that.


Look a there.  The tooth fairy visited him twice this week.  He's loaded.


He's a Giant this season.  He was laughing and watching Jesse run around in circles (after the dirty pull-up removal).  She had not napped.  She was not normal.  What is normal?  Anyway, at times her behavior is quite shocking.


She was drunk from the blooms I'll just say.  We love you girl.


And I was drunk watching them.  You know, being a parent is trying and crazy and just wild at times, but then there are moments like this.

"Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away."

Guess what movie I heard that in?  TBS...last Sunday night.  It comes on a lot.  I like it a lot.

I live for more moments like this.

Monday, March 7, 2011


I spent the day with her last Friday.  I took her to her three year well check-up.  The doc said she looked great.  Yes, she's still a chunk, but she's great.  The doc recommended a book about "spirited" children (in the politest way).  She's spirited all right.  She wouldn't let them measure her height.  She wouldn't be weighed.  She wouldn't take her vision test.  She's spirited all right.  She's stubborn and had it set in her mind that the nurse wasn't getting near her...and that was it.  Spirited/stubborn/strong headed...whatever.

Oh well.  I'll take spirited.  We'll figure it out.  Do I really need a book, or is this just common sense?  Teach good eating and good behavior.  Oh, and don't kill the spirit.  It's the best part.  This will be my approach...somehow?  Maybe I do need the book.

All the way to her appointment and most of the weekend, she decided she needed to "draw" me.  So, she had her sharpened pencils in hand at the doc's office, in the car, and when we got back home.  "Don't look!"

At this point I realized what a wonderful influence Kelly has had on her.  Kelly, artist, caregiver, nanny, best friend, our savior...whatever you want to call her.  She loves my angels, and I love her for that.  Kelly created this portrait for us for Christmas.  There are not even words to describe how much joy it brings to me every day.

Thanks Kelly.  She just might be visiting you a lot through the teenage sweet, strong headed, spirited child.  Her and her brother who decided to rough house with his best buddy in Music class today.  Yeah, I got a call.  They'll both be visiting.

By the way, in Jesse's drawing, I resembled a T-rex.  It's ok.  That's fine with me.  I sort of felt like that tonight anyway.  Strong and determined to make a point as a strong mother with serious rules and consequences.  Then, it just took a few sweet hugs and kisses and I was back to my leaf eating, sweet, long neck self.  Oh Jonah, please just be good tomorrow.  "Ok." Oh Jesse, please just eat your vegetables. "Ok."

Thank goodness we have Daddy.

It was a rainy one.  Rainy=canceled baseball=time to bake.  Yeah!

So, we sort of baked all day Saturday.  I tackled that dang little layer chocolate cake again.  This recipe called for 14 layers.

About right here in the layering process, I realized I still didn't have it right and might have made my layers too thin.  Good grief!  But, we had fun.

And actually, when the icing hardened a little more, and it was finally wasn't too bad.  It turned out to be 16 layers.  Yeah, the layers were too thin.

This bad boy was not presentable.  But it tasted good!  Ok, so, I accepted it as an improvement.  No way to go but up.

I got some time before I am making these every weekend and impressing my grandkids and old timer friends.  I can do this.

So some days the kids act up, and the cake doesn't come out right.  Some days are full of trouble.  Actually, the new word for it is "spirit".  Spirit ha?  I sort of like it.  I plan on embracing it.  Life sure would be boring without it.  We got the spirit.  We're proud.

There.  Good grief.  I need some cake.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The dog days are over

I’m not sure what these lyrics mean, but all I hear is happiness and running and the end of winter.  Gosh, I really hope she’s not singing about becoming a vegan and giving up hot dogs.  Who knows?

Good grief.  It’s March.  Finally!  The daylilies and tulips are peaking out with their green leaves.  Oh, the trees!  Can’t wait to get pics of those trees about to bloom!  It’s my favorite time of year.  Spring and the Space Shuttle really excite me.  And baking and taking pictures.  I’m not normal.  I have accepted this.  I’m just running with it.

They helped me.  Any opportunity to play in the dirt you know.

"Jesse, that's my hole."

"No, it's mine.  Don't worry about me Jonah!"

Jonah thinking..."she's so stubborn.  I take after Mama and she is Daddy made over."

Then a lightening quick change for baseball practice.  And it's a throw to first...


and a scoop...


and an awesome throw home!

This right here is NOT our dog.  Jesse would have loved to bring her home though.

We need one.  They want one.  Oh my.

And again, the playground much more fun than practice.  So, we take the time.



Please tell me some of you out there take this many pictures.  I'm feeling a little abnormal.  But, what the hell?  It makes me happy.  Maybe you don't take this many pictures.  Maybe you don't complicate things with digital cameras and just play along the entire time.  That's pretty awesome too you know.  We are all a little different, and we all have very special qualities.  Just go with it.


Wow.  Now which one of you put crayons in my lantern, votive candle holder?