Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunday Morning

You know...I could complain about how tired I am.  I could complain that there is not enough time in a day.  I can say that I'm working hard and running home for just enough time to run right back out with the kids about every week night for some sort of practice.  I could complain about the condition my house is in.  I could also complain about...well, who cares really?

Or I could be thankful for it all.  I love running out to baseball so quickly after work.  I love watching her run from here to there while her brother plays.


I love that my love bought her a ring pop without me knowing, and how he seemed to want one too.

I love their cheeks.

I love how he anticipates who is getting the game ball after every game.

I love that last Friday night it was all his because he rocked a home run and made a fabulous defensive play.  I love how his hat is pushing his ears down in this picture.  Oh, and the missing teeth!  I love how he looked for us to make sure we witnessed his accomplishment.  I love how he immediately put down the snack and came towards me because he knew I would be tossing the camera for a hug in like two seconds.

I love that my love captured all this on video simultaneously, and I can watch it when I'm 80.

I loved seeing him so proud and completely unaware that they lost the game by two points.  He was the star and to him...that's a win.


I love that our team added all the kids names to their jerseys.


And guess what else?  I love the playground there.


I love these three human beings so much it hurts.

I love how the sport brings us together, gets us out of the house and away from the dirty dishes.   I love he's a Giant.

I love this beautiful child who is a twin to one of Jonah's teammates.  I love how much time she spends with Jesse as if they were the same age.  I love the admiration Jesse has for her.

It's amazing to watch.  She copies her every move and this beautiful, wonderful child doesn't even mind.

I'm just feeling very blessed tonight.  I would rather run like a chicken with my head cut off than not run at all.  I really have no plans of stopping...ever.

Well, except for maybe Sunday mornings.  Everyone needs a day.

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  1. He is so cute! I love seeing pictures of him in his uniform. What a sweet sensitive little guy you have!