Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blankets Creek

It is refreshing to look back on fun times with family after the kids are in bed.  It sort of wipes away the previous chaos we just went through....such as...Jesse crying for no obvious reason.  Picture me finally getting her to pause the insane crying to brush those little teeth, and then me tickling her and asking her why she was crying so much (while she had a mouth full of fluoride rinse).  Then, picture her spitting the rinse out projectile like on the mirror because I made her laugh.  Then, picture her crying even louder because she spit out her rinse uncontrollably.

Something was wrong in her universe tonight.  This happens from time to time, but I'm sorry, I couldn't help but laugh.

And Jonah, well he's in a pretty good mood even though the weather has messed up his schedule this evening.  The thought of staying inside versus playing baseball nearly kills him.

But it is really hard disciplining this one.  He can come up with a million reasons not to do extra studying on an unexpected night at home.  Some...believable till I see a bad grade.


And Luke...well, he's been having his own adventures lately.  Luke Duke has been going to a dog club on Sundays and acting all shy and crying when his Daddy wants him to show off.  It's pretty funny.  You can do it buddy!  I know you can!

But looking back at this day back in January on a Sunday when we had a hint of Spring and the world was perfect, makes it all OK.


Although, I do miss this lovely weather and long for it even more.

The kids got bikes this year from Santa, and we have frequented the local bike trail, Blankets Creek.  It's pretty dang fun.  We can't wait to continue going in the Spring.

It's a good place to take Luke and let the kids release some energy.

And it's free.

And Jesse can pretend she's in the Circus, while Jonah works on his biking skills.

He was a natural on his new bike.  Although, I do have to mention, the first trip to the creek, he was literally in the creek within minutes.  I'm sorry that I do not have video footage.  I would give anything.

But this time, he managed to stay dry.

That's my boy.  He's 8 and three quarters he says.  He rushes through his homework.  He doesn't always pay attention.  He won't eat over his plate.  He loves Duck Dynasty and Wipe Out for goodness sakes..but I love him so much.  I do.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

What's your favorite picture?

We took Jonah, Jesse and their cousins, Kadee and Ella, to the Tellus Museum not long ago.  The kids enjoyed this trip so much.  The Tellus Museum is a wonderful science museum in North Georgia full of dinosaurs and rocks and minerals and crystals and automobiles and rockets...can't beat it on a nice Sunday afternoon.

I am still going through all the photos I took inside, but these I took just before we entered are just fun to share.

Which one is your favorite?

(1) Aren't they sweet and precious?

(2) Cheese!

(3) Kadee giving rabbit ears, goofy Jesse and scary Jonah.

(4) Kadee giving rabbit ears, goofy Jesse and Ella, and what is Jonah doing?

(5) Kadee and Jonah rabbit ear fighting over goofy Jesse and Ella.

(6) It is starting to get out of control.

(7) That's it, we are losing the star of the show.

I don't know.  I am having a very hard time deciding, but I'm leaning towards number 7.  It really cracked me up.

No doubt these goofballs are related.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Bright Side

I forgot to send my daughter's clean cot sheet and blanket to Pre-K this morning.  When I remembered, it was much too late.

I was rear ended by a young fellow on the interstate while driving in to work today.  I was meaning on getting rid of that commute before this happened again (in my dreams), but it was much too late. 

My battery died while waiting for the State Patrol.  I had been needing to get that battery checked out before it died again, but it was much too late.

When I finally got to work, I realized I left my left over spaghetti and meat sauce in the car, but my boss called me to the office, and I couldn't retrieve it.  It was much too late.


The school had an extra sheet and blanket.

The guy that hit me was just the kindest fellow, and I probably just need a new bumper.

The State Trooper did an exciting maneuver to sling his car around and jump my vehicle off and send me on my way.

My spaghetti was fine!  My friend, Heather, gave me a scientific reason to explain just so.

And most importantly...my boss said everything is OK.


Hey....remember this?

She turned 5 on Friday.


I miss this...

He is losing that baby face.


I guess this is the answer to a bad day, remembering all the good I have.  It's never too late for that.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Clap if you believe in fairies...

I am very much under the weather guys.  I'm not going into too much boring detail.  My throat closed up this morning, a freight train hit me this afternoon, and I'm in bed early on a double dose of medicine that has me praising God.

The real reason I picked up my computer is because I wanted to share how beautiful it is to listen to my family talking together tonight without me.

Jesse just said to my love, "Daddy, do you believe in fairies?"

My love said, "Yes I do, I believe in fairies."

Jesse then followed with, "Then clap your hands!  Daddy, clap your hands!"

I've been crying all night because I hate being sick, but hearing this...oh Good Lord.  The tears were very happy tears.  I've spoke of this scene in E.T. before...when Gertie's Mom is reading Peter Pan to her.  I've never pointed it out to Jesse really.

It just touched her too.  It jumped out and touched her heart just like it has mine all these years.  It was so beautiful.

I love your heart Jesse.

Now, she did point out the other night that shampoo had a toilet word in it.  She said, "You know...poo!"  I couldn't let you think she walks around talking in Peter Pan terminology all the time.

I knew you believed in fairies.  I always knew it.

I'm sorry I cried and acted like I was dying on the phone to get you home faster today.  I did feel bad.  But as usual, you saved me and calmed me and probably laughed at me, but that's OK...I deserve it.

I can't stay awake anymoooorroewoore...