Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Clap if you believe in fairies...

I am very much under the weather guys.  I'm not going into too much boring detail.  My throat closed up this morning, a freight train hit me this afternoon, and I'm in bed early on a double dose of medicine that has me praising God.

The real reason I picked up my computer is because I wanted to share how beautiful it is to listen to my family talking together tonight without me.

Jesse just said to my love, "Daddy, do you believe in fairies?"

My love said, "Yes I do, I believe in fairies."

Jesse then followed with, "Then clap your hands!  Daddy, clap your hands!"

I've been crying all night because I hate being sick, but hearing this...oh Good Lord.  The tears were very happy tears.  I've spoke of this scene in E.T. before...when Gertie's Mom is reading Peter Pan to her.  I've never pointed it out to Jesse really.

It just touched her too.  It jumped out and touched her heart just like it has mine all these years.  It was so beautiful.

I love your heart Jesse.

Now, she did point out the other night that shampoo had a toilet word in it.  She said, "You know...poo!"  I couldn't let you think she walks around talking in Peter Pan terminology all the time.

I knew you believed in fairies.  I always knew it.

I'm sorry I cried and acted like I was dying on the phone to get you home faster today.  I did feel bad.  But as usual, you saved me and calmed me and probably laughed at me, but that's OK...I deserve it.

I can't stay awake anymoooorroewoore...

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