Friday, February 15, 2013

What's your favorite picture?

We took Jonah, Jesse and their cousins, Kadee and Ella, to the Tellus Museum not long ago.  The kids enjoyed this trip so much.  The Tellus Museum is a wonderful science museum in North Georgia full of dinosaurs and rocks and minerals and crystals and automobiles and rockets...can't beat it on a nice Sunday afternoon.

I am still going through all the photos I took inside, but these I took just before we entered are just fun to share.

Which one is your favorite?

(1) Aren't they sweet and precious?

(2) Cheese!

(3) Kadee giving rabbit ears, goofy Jesse and scary Jonah.

(4) Kadee giving rabbit ears, goofy Jesse and Ella, and what is Jonah doing?

(5) Kadee and Jonah rabbit ear fighting over goofy Jesse and Ella.

(6) It is starting to get out of control.

(7) That's it, we are losing the star of the show.

I don't know.  I am having a very hard time deciding, but I'm leaning towards number 7.  It really cracked me up.

No doubt these goofballs are related.

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  1. That top picture that is my favorite! Telling.. the girls holding hands..Jonah standing close but not holding hands. Beautiful