Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sweet Fall

It's so sweet.  Celebrate it.

A moment.

A love.

A dream.

A laugh.

Such a sweet disposition these two...on this day especially.

Please take your kids outside and enjoy the sweet, innocent beauty of this.

Pure happiness, joy...captured right here.

It takes my breath away.

Don't let the moment pass you by.  No excuses.  Go.  If the kids are grown or gone or none, jump in yourself.  I did.

Find some pumpkins.

Definately a hayride.

And possibly, a picnic.

Look for the Great Pumpkin.

Beauty.  Here or in your backyard.  It is everywhere.

Even in North Georgia apples.

Life is tough.  But, I have this.  I continue all this.  Reminding myself to never surrender.  Never.  Oh, thank you Fall.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

We can do anything.

Listen.  I love this voice, the instruments, the message.  It moves me.  Music inspires me so much.  You would think I could play an instrument or something. Hey, there's another item to my bucket list.  I listen to this song.  I close my eyes.  I can just imagine standing at the end of the world with my family.  I don't have to see it.  I feel it.  I can't imagine life without music.  Actually, this song combines two loves of mine really.  Maybe four.  Music, flying, my love and my angels.  There we go.

Oh, and when the kids are old enough
We're gonna teach them to flyyyyyy

You and me together, we can do anything, baby
You and me together, yes, yes.


We took the kids to the Air Show.  And Jonah's team won again on Sunday.

We can do anything.  Well, except bake a 15 layer chocolate cake.  It was a disaster.  I will perfect it though!  I can do anything.  Yes.  Yes.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Life is Good

Hello Morning.  It's weekend...I'm excited.  Yes, we have so much more of the same coming up, and I am still excited.  Baseball, baseball, baseball.  It is our life.  But I also want to try new things, like tackle a 15 layer chocolate cake that I have been dying to make!  I want to brainstorm with new ideas about…who knows what really.  So much to do...to discover.  On this morning, I wake up next to my love and my angels who have made it to our bedroom at some point in the night and realize this.  It could stay just like this and I will be so happy. The house is perfectly cool.  My best boy is cuddled next to me under his Christmas blanket.  My love is sipping coffee. My best girl is still dreaming. This is so good.  Maybe we'll enjoy breakfast on the back porch in the beautiful Fall weather.  I want to breathe in deeply and smell those wonderful tea olives that line the porch before the blooms fall away into winter.  If I could only capture that scent and bring it inside.  I wish I could hold one up right now for you to smell, whoever you are.  It’s heavenly.  They lured us out on Thursday evening.


So very much to do on a weekend that will surely go by so quickly.  I wish I could pause it.  If I had a pause button for my weekend, where would I use it?  All over the place.  It's Fall.  I'm home with my family.  It's so good.

The sun is not up yet.  About time to go watch it rise.
Oh Happy Weekend.