Friday, October 1, 2010

Hello New York - Day 2

OK kids.  Get ready for your first full day in the city.  Again, not much of a plan, just more of IT!  It’s Friday in Manhattan.  We stepped onto the street with two strollers on this day.  Yes, we broke down and bought something for brother to ride in because we had a lot of territory to cover.  Probably too much for a 6 year old to walk.  Cheapest one we could find in the FAO basement worked just fine…his only request was that it was not pink.  And do not worry my love, I really do not think Jonah is too spoiled from this.

And we walked and walked and admired and walked and walked and took it all in.  First spot we peeked in…Grand Central Station.

But we need to eat…and with that said, we had to find us a good New York bagel.  And here began the treck to Chelsea.

We found just that at Murray’s in Chelsea.  It was completely worth the walk.  Oh my!  Although, the kids decided they would rather have a Black and White cookie.  Of course they did.  Ok then!  This is vacation for goodness sake!

One of my favorite shots right here.

And then, my love mentioned the Greenmarket at Union Square.  Sounds awesome!  More walking!  Had the most marvelous grapes that tasted more like scuplins (that’s a Southern grown grape for those of you who don’t know).

OK, so it is amazing what I have found looking back through these pictures.  I mean, seriously, how did I not notice this man on this day?  The red polka-dot hot shorts and skimpy top.  Only in New York, right?  Just walking around like it ain’t nothing.  Wow.

We stopped at every park we saw along the way, like this one in Madison Square.  This was a lovely park with a lovely playground.  Jonah played while Jesse napped and my love rested his feet in the shade on a nice park bench.

Next on the path just happened to be the New York Public Library.  We visited the Children’s section…and this, to be honest, was not exactly what I expected.  It was pretty dated and not that large, but it was cool and they had plenty of snake books for Jonah to look at.  And where else can he see some of his favorite stories in Chinese?  That really threw him for a minute.

But the biggest surprise was this.  I had no idea they were here.  What a treat!  The original inspirational Winnie and gang.  Wow.  Would have loved to pick him up and give him a good snuggle.

Moving right along...

“This is the best hamburger I have ever had!  You have to try this” exclaimed Jonah.  Oh, and a basket O chicken here is actually a basket O fried chicken comparable to Kentucky Fried!  And Jesse still liked it, so that was good.

Off to a healthier option for my love.

But this is what catches my eye.

Back to Times Square.  What was that place you wanted to see Jesse?  What was that?  Are you guys sure we should go there? Hello M&M World.  It was everything we expected and more.  Added bonus were the characters on the street.  Can't beat this.

She shied up to him and said "What ya doin Elmo?"  Ahhhhh.  This was probably the best moment of her entire trip.  Even more than the big bag of pink and purple M&M's.  This is Elmo people!  She talked about seeing him in her sleep that night...among other things.

Now, Minnie seemed a little out of it.  She didn't speak English and was much more into Sponge Bob.  Now, that just seems wrong doesn't it?  Jesse didn't seem to notice.  She was thrilled.

More sightseeing and then it’s funny how every single day we had to have a taste of Central Park.  It was getting late.

Jonah and Jesse were dying to take a ride with the horse and carriage we kept admiring.  So, we picked the one we liked and hopped on.  It was so fabulous.  Just before sunset, perfect weather, perfect view.  And the horse's name was….Jesse.

We passed this famous bakery earlier in the day…and we made a mental note to come back for dessert.  So we did.  And low and behold…they had a Pinkalicious Cupcake.  Talk about excitement for a 2 year old little girl.  That was just awesome.  Grabbed 4 to go and stopped off at our favorite little café near the hotel to dig in.  Best cupcakes we ever had…hands down.

I wonder how many miles we walked on this day?  I have no idea.  It was a ton.  As we opened the door to the hotel and Jonah rushed to work on his personalized Star Wars puzzle even more, I plopped down on the bed with a feeling of accomplishment.  We CAN do New York City with kids!  I knew it!  We rock.  Sorry if this sounds conceited, but we rocked that city on this day and I was so proud of us.    There’s nothing we can’t do my sweet family.  Nothing.

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