Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hello New York - Days 3 & 4

So yeah, I went on vacation to an awesome city with my family and I took ALOT of pictures.  I can't help myself.  This is, however, the last of the extremely long, picture overloaded, proud Mama, vacation experience blog entries.

I knew the trip was a home run when Jonah looked at us and said, "I wish we lived in New York."  I looked at my love with a smile.  We dream of living here.  But let's be real, there's no way we could ever afford to live it up in Manhattan full time.  So...we just had to soak up as much as we could in these last two days.  And that we did.  This Saturday morning we headed to Rockefeller Center.

And another surprise, which is funny and really shows how little time I had to plan out this trip.  But there's this place there called...Lego World.  Wow.

That was impressive.  Next, a little ride on the Subway.  "This is loud!" was Jesse's impression.

We took the train to one of MY most anticipated locations.  I couldn't wait to share some frozen hot chocolate with my angels.  I hoped they would like it.  Here we are waiting to enter Serendipity.

He wanted a strawberry sundae and she wanted vanilla.

No surprise what I got.  They were intrigued.  Then they came to my side of the table without me even having to ask.

And my love captured it.  And I love him for it.  And this one, this is so special to me.

We left there with smiles on our faces and made our way back to Central Park.

There's a pretty famous carousel there ya know.  This was quite a hit.

He deserved a beer break, and I was quite thirsty myself.  So we took a rest in the nearest pub.  Thank goodness they didn't mind kids.

So, here we are back in the Subway.

I just never expected to see so many characters.  And these two playing music for tips.  Huge impression on Jesse girl.  Low and behold, there's a Pink Cookie Monster.  She was pretty impressed.  I, on the other hand, thought this was extremely creepy.  What the hell is that anyway?  Poor Cookie Monster.  He must have lost his way.

So, I knew we were headed towards the Statue of Liberty.  I knew we were going to see it.  I just didn't know how.  This part was even a surprise to me.

We took the subway, then a taxi.  My love was walking so fast I could hardly keep up.  He was on a mission.  Stopping to get the above shot almost got me too far behind.  Move it Mama!

Whew.  A quick break.

And then we arrived.  Just in time.  We boarded the Staten Island Ferry just as he planned.  Just in time for sunset.  And with that, the most spectacular view I could have ever imagined.  

I don't know how he did it, but he couldn't have treated us with a better view of her.  Jonah asked more about this than anything.  As soon as we landed in New York, "When are we gong to see the Statue of Liberty?"  Over and over and over he asked.  I can't imagine he will ever forget this experience.  You nailed it my love.

Our last day started out back in Times Square.  As I was trying to walk slowly and really embrace the beauty of it all...I see this.  I could not help myself.  What a great Levi's ad.

Ok.  So how many times will I have to tip Elmo already?  Worth every dollar to see that bright smile.

Oh Cookie Monster!  I'm so glad you found your way!

They wanted to go back to FAO, so we said, how about a toy store with it's very own ferris wheel?  This is Toys R Us in Times Square.

They were so pleased.  Then, we started preparing for the last stop of our trip.  Since the initial thought of possibly coming here, this is what I looked forward to the very most.  To prepare, we needed food.

She often fell asleep along the way.  Jonah caught her as she woke.  And my heart melted.

The neighboring nice deli man made us one simple peanut butter and jelly for Jonah and one peanut butter (hold the jam) for Jesse.  And we took them here.  Our favorite spot.

And my wish to picnic with my family in Central Park came true.

This was bittersweet.  It made it so hard to leave.  We just kept saying how we wished we had more time.  We wish we could have spent one more entire day in the park.  I'm certain we'll go back.  Well, when we have enough Hilton Honors and points to get us there again.  Yeah, that's how we did it.  I'm not pretending that this type of vacation is a norm for us by no means.  We were very fortunate.  And until then, we'll continue making life experiences at home.  Picnics in our very own local parks.  This was such an inspiration to do more of that.  And we will.  Many more experiences to come.  I can't wait.

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