Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Those Cheeks, My Minor Leaguer and a Carnival

Those cheeks.  Oh, these shots never get old.

She found shade at Jonah's baseball carnival on this blazing, Southern, Fall Sunday while he waited in line to velcro himself to a wall.  Boys...

The velcro suit didn't fit her, but she tackled the big slide with no fear.  Awesome shot my love.  It makes me laugh.

Oh wow, my little minor leaguer.  Those new baseball pants are really making you look all grown up.

He then had to have his hair painted orange and blue and climb a mountain wall.  Well, why not?  He will not be outdone I am afraid.

And then a hay ride around the fields with the sister.  

Love this one...even with the orange and blue hair.

This was a fun day.  I'm so tired, but I couldn't help but go through these pictures and relive it before I pass out.  And again, wish I didn't require sleep.  But, I do, so this is it.  Good night my angels.  Good night my love (from afar).  Come home safe to us.  We miss you.

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