Thursday, April 26, 2012

Luke Love

Jonah yelled at me tonight to get this shot.  "Mama, get your camera!"  I actually didn't jump at the chance.  I was tired.  I've got an endless list of things to do with no possibility of a clean slate in my future.  Ahhhhh, who cares, "Get your camera woman!" I told myself.

Listening to him results in only good things.

What if I didn't listen?

I wouldn't even have seen this.

Oh Luke, thank goodness you are ours.  You bring us joy and busted teeth and a house full of hair and joy....lots of joy.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Safe and Sound

On Saturday, between sporting events, I had the TV on the CMT Top 20 Countdown.  I do love to have music playing in the house.  We so enjoyed and danced to Toby Keith's Red Solo Cup, but then this beauty of a song came on.  It was like the world stopped spinning, and Jesse was screaming my name as soon as Taylor opened her mouth.  Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars's just her dream come true.  Mama!!!  Mama!!!  Hurry!!!  I heard the tune and knew what was playing.  And...I ran to her as quickly as I could stuff the stupid folded towels in the linen closet.


And she was twirling on the rug in front of the TV.  It was graceful.  It was if the music was speaking to her.

She knows the words...mainly just the beginning and she hums the rest.

And today, she did the same thing on my bed as we downloaded it on iTunes.

And as usual, I stared at her.  She's just so captivating to me.  Mommy eyes is what it's called.  Isn't it funny how they can drive you crazy (you know what I mean), but then there are moments like this that you can just sit and admire them for hours?  You wish the moment would never end.  You try your very best to lock it and sound.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life is Good

And I'm in a good mood, so here's a few songs for you.

These are random pictures at first.  Jesse dressed herself for baseball.  You could see her a mile away in this bright yellow shirt (which I must love cause I keep buying them).  And Oh, the tacky head band...she wore it so proudly.

I took this picture of Jesse in the Tahoe before we got out.  She moved to the front seat because she wanted to turn up a song on the radio...I think it was Katy Perry and I'm pretty sure she knew most of the words.


Luke likes baseballs.  He acquired every single last T-ball we have, which is OK because we've moved on to the hard ones for some reason I'm not sure.  He also likes squirrels, and I'm pretty sure he thinks he's a hound dog.  He's bound and determined to get those squirrels out of the trees in the back.

They probably wouldn't let me on the field during a game, so I seriously need a ladder and a zoom lens to get some better shots of Jonah in action.  He's over the heat here.  He's ready for a victory cheer and some snacks.  Love the Coach's smile in the distance.


I found these shots amusing of Jesse at Soccer.


Something about her in a soccer sort of inspires me on the photography side.

And now down to this evening.  We got some good news.

I sort of feel embarrassed talking about it really, but I guess I will anyway.


See, he tried out for his little league All-Star team on Sunday.  He was so calm and focused (so opposite of his Mom).


And today I got an email that he was chosen to be part of the team.  I asked my Love how to tell him this evening.  He said, "Put a note in the mailbox."  OK!  So I did.  Boy, that was a good idea.  They loved it.


I learned a long time ago that you can't praise one without praising the other, so I praised both.  Jonah got a note that he made All-Stars and Jesse got a note that she rocked at Soccer.  It took me two minutes to scribble them both and slap them in the mail box.

And he called his Dad.  He was proud.

"Oh and Dad, I'm the best Soccer player ever!  Did you know that?"  Jonah's conversations are simple and hers are so much more enthusiastic I guess I could say.


He just stared at it and read it over and over and asked, "So, when do I get my All-Star helmet?"  Oh my.  And this is just what we expected.  I said, "Jonah, is that what it's about?"  He responded, "No, it's about having fun."  That's better.  But, it's natural to get excited about the gear my Love says.  He said he surely did.

And we had pizza and did a little homework and got ready for bed.  He even read his own library book tonight.  All the planets must be aligned or something.  This is not typical.

So, it's OK to be proud of good days and accomplishments.  It's also OK to recognize the importance of keeping your kids grounded as well.  "Son, is this something we go to school and brag about?"  "No Mam."  "Ok."  "You don't have to be an All-Star to be good at and love baseball right?" "That's right."

And then, of course, I throw in how very proud I am of him.

And I gave him a kiss and that was it.  Maybe...well, perhaps, it was a kiss to build a dream on.  I just know he's dreaming about baseball.

I probably will be too.  Good night.

Monday, April 9, 2012

My favorite part of Easter

The Easter bunny brought these cool bubble airplanes he found at Target. (Did you know he shopped at Target?  That's what I hear anyway.)  We took them to the park and launched them before we continued on to the baseball field where Jonah wanted to hit the bucket of balls the bunny left for him as well.


The airplanes are spring loaded.  There is a small bottle of bubbles attached to the bottom.  You pump it a few times and pull the trigger.

The airplane launches and so do the bubbles!  Pretty good entertainment.


And there's these new squeeze bubbles he left as well.  Shoot, they might be old for all I know.  I just never tried them.  Boy are they messy, but I get it.


She liked them, but it resulted in some serious sticky hands and wet clothes.


I love this park.  This is the trail I like to run on the weekends, and every time I run through here, I imagine a beautiful portrait of my kids at this very spot.  This one will do just fine.  It's pretty typical of them.  Well actually, I'll probably be back for more.  It's so beautiful.

I tried to get more and about this point right here, Jesse fell down on that right knee.  There was blood and tears.  We then carried her out and on to the baseball field, where she insisted it was all due to her new flip flops and she needed her tennis shoes on from now on.  So we changed them.

And she ran the bases while Jonah was in the batting cage with my love.

And then she picked flowers in the outfield.

We must have been there for three or more hours.  I loved it all, well, except for her fall.  Oh, and she was so excited about the bubbles that she had a little accident as well.  That wasn't a highlight.

Hey, I'm just keeping it real.  Even with that, it was my favorite part.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Typical Saturday

Soccer is at 8:30 every Saturday morning.  There is usually bright morning sun and dew on the ground and stretching four year olds who are excited to be up that early and on the field.  There are also groggy parents who get up a little earlier just to take their kids through Chick-fil-A for Chick-n-Minis and a plain biscuit before the game.

(Growing kids ask for both.)

The parents order the oatmeal (which is actually really good) and the father complains every single time about how small the portion size is.  His wife agrees and says to him, "Then why do you keep ordering it?"  They scrape the bottom of their bowls and secretly hope their kids do not eat all of their Minis.  Then, they devour what's left over and wonder why they keep ordering that tiny bowl of oatmeal, when they really want Minis and a biscuit too.

Oh, but they try so hard to be healthy.

This Mama really is obsessed with her camera most days.  She snaps pictures of her kids on the ball field, in the backyard and falling asleep.

The Mama actually has a picture somewhere of her daughter falling asleep at the dinner table.  It's hilarious.  She needs to dig that one up to show you too.

Just look at the family dog here.  He wonders why the parents let their baby girl take a nap on the ottoman.  "I tell you what,  I guess I will stand watch.  What did they ever do without me?"

After Soccer, the family has a small break before they head on over to the baseball field.  The Mama still gets nervous every time her son goes to bat.  She has learned to try not to scream his name as it could distract him.  And when he rounds the bases he still looks to his family with that sweet smile as if, "Did you see that?"

They all enjoy the concept of team and how special it is to be a part of that.

And marvel over their new friends and their incredible abilities.

But, it always comes back to the Mama and her camera and wanting to capture it all as if she's going to forget it one day.

So, she continues with the same routine every Saturday.  It's just a good typical, family rhythm really.

And she's grateful for it.