Monday, April 9, 2012

My favorite part of Easter

The Easter bunny brought these cool bubble airplanes he found at Target. (Did you know he shopped at Target?  That's what I hear anyway.)  We took them to the park and launched them before we continued on to the baseball field where Jonah wanted to hit the bucket of balls the bunny left for him as well.


The airplanes are spring loaded.  There is a small bottle of bubbles attached to the bottom.  You pump it a few times and pull the trigger.

The airplane launches and so do the bubbles!  Pretty good entertainment.


And there's these new squeeze bubbles he left as well.  Shoot, they might be old for all I know.  I just never tried them.  Boy are they messy, but I get it.


She liked them, but it resulted in some serious sticky hands and wet clothes.


I love this park.  This is the trail I like to run on the weekends, and every time I run through here, I imagine a beautiful portrait of my kids at this very spot.  This one will do just fine.  It's pretty typical of them.  Well actually, I'll probably be back for more.  It's so beautiful.

I tried to get more and about this point right here, Jesse fell down on that right knee.  There was blood and tears.  We then carried her out and on to the baseball field, where she insisted it was all due to her new flip flops and she needed her tennis shoes on from now on.  So we changed them.

And she ran the bases while Jonah was in the batting cage with my love.

And then she picked flowers in the outfield.

We must have been there for three or more hours.  I loved it all, well, except for her fall.  Oh, and she was so excited about the bubbles that she had a little accident as well.  That wasn't a highlight.

Hey, I'm just keeping it real.  Even with that, it was my favorite part.

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