Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Typical Saturday

Soccer is at 8:30 every Saturday morning.  There is usually bright morning sun and dew on the ground and stretching four year olds who are excited to be up that early and on the field.  There are also groggy parents who get up a little earlier just to take their kids through Chick-fil-A for Chick-n-Minis and a plain biscuit before the game.

(Growing kids ask for both.)

The parents order the oatmeal (which is actually really good) and the father complains every single time about how small the portion size is.  His wife agrees and says to him, "Then why do you keep ordering it?"  They scrape the bottom of their bowls and secretly hope their kids do not eat all of their Minis.  Then, they devour what's left over and wonder why they keep ordering that tiny bowl of oatmeal, when they really want Minis and a biscuit too.

Oh, but they try so hard to be healthy.

This Mama really is obsessed with her camera most days.  She snaps pictures of her kids on the ball field, in the backyard and falling asleep.

The Mama actually has a picture somewhere of her daughter falling asleep at the dinner table.  It's hilarious.  She needs to dig that one up to show you too.

Just look at the family dog here.  He wonders why the parents let their baby girl take a nap on the ottoman.  "I tell you what,  I guess I will stand watch.  What did they ever do without me?"

After Soccer, the family has a small break before they head on over to the baseball field.  The Mama still gets nervous every time her son goes to bat.  She has learned to try not to scream his name as it could distract him.  And when he rounds the bases he still looks to his family with that sweet smile as if, "Did you see that?"

They all enjoy the concept of team and how special it is to be a part of that.

And marvel over their new friends and their incredible abilities.

But, it always comes back to the Mama and her camera and wanting to capture it all as if she's going to forget it one day.

So, she continues with the same routine every Saturday.  It's just a good typical, family rhythm really.

And she's grateful for it.

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