Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life is Good

And I'm in a good mood, so here's a few songs for you.

These are random pictures at first.  Jesse dressed herself for baseball.  You could see her a mile away in this bright yellow shirt (which I must love cause I keep buying them).  And Oh, the tacky head band...she wore it so proudly.

I took this picture of Jesse in the Tahoe before we got out.  She moved to the front seat because she wanted to turn up a song on the radio...I think it was Katy Perry and I'm pretty sure she knew most of the words.


Luke likes baseballs.  He acquired every single last T-ball we have, which is OK because we've moved on to the hard ones for some reason I'm not sure.  He also likes squirrels, and I'm pretty sure he thinks he's a hound dog.  He's bound and determined to get those squirrels out of the trees in the back.

They probably wouldn't let me on the field during a game, so I seriously need a ladder and a zoom lens to get some better shots of Jonah in action.  He's over the heat here.  He's ready for a victory cheer and some snacks.  Love the Coach's smile in the distance.


I found these shots amusing of Jesse at Soccer.


Something about her in a soccer uniform...it sort of inspires me on the photography side.

And now down to this evening.  We got some good news.

I sort of feel embarrassed talking about it really, but I guess I will anyway.


See, he tried out for his little league All-Star team on Sunday.  He was so calm and focused (so opposite of his Mom).


And today I got an email that he was chosen to be part of the team.  I asked my Love how to tell him this evening.  He said, "Put a note in the mailbox."  OK!  So I did.  Boy, that was a good idea.  They loved it.


I learned a long time ago that you can't praise one without praising the other, so I praised both.  Jonah got a note that he made All-Stars and Jesse got a note that she rocked at Soccer.  It took me two minutes to scribble them both and slap them in the mail box.

And he called his Dad.  He was proud.

"Oh and Dad, I'm the best Soccer player ever!  Did you know that?"  Jonah's conversations are simple and hers are so much more enthusiastic I guess I could say.


He just stared at it and read it over and over and asked, "So, when do I get my All-Star helmet?"  Oh my.  And this is just what we expected.  I said, "Jonah, is that what it's about?"  He responded, "No, it's about having fun."  That's better.  But, it's natural to get excited about the gear my Love says.  He said he surely did.

And we had pizza and did a little homework and got ready for bed.  He even read his own library book tonight.  All the planets must be aligned or something.  This is not typical.

So, it's OK to be proud of good days and accomplishments.  It's also OK to recognize the importance of keeping your kids grounded as well.  "Son, is this something we go to school and brag about?"  "No Mam."  "Ok."  "You don't have to be an All-Star to be good at and love baseball right?" "That's right."

And then, of course, I throw in how very proud I am of him.

And I gave him a kiss and that was it.  Maybe...well, perhaps, it was a kiss to build a dream on.  I just know he's dreaming about baseball.

I probably will be too.  Good night.

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