Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Girly things

We run around for Jonah nonstop.  Nonstop.  She's patient most of the time.  She enjoys it.  But I look back at moments like this and realize, wow, I got myself a little girl too.  She likes Hello Kitty, and she does her own nails.

And I want her to know that even though we fuss about getting Jonah here and there...we fuss about his homework and being aggressive in Jiu-Jitsu and how proud we are he got the game ball the other night...even though it seems like he is the center of everything...through all of that, she is here.  You are present Jesse girl and just as important.

And one of these days Jonah will be running around and throwing you the ball and cheering for you when you smack it out of the park with your pink bat and pink batting helmet.

And he might see you do a flip in gymnastics.  Maybe he will admire your art or even enjoy your music.

And he might just say, Jesse, great job with those nails.  Or he might say, gross, why do girls paint their nails?

But, no matter what, he and we will love you and you will have a place and you will shine.  What am I talking about?  You already do.  You brighten our world Jesse girl.

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