Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Sounds like some exotic fruit from Brazil ha?  Say Brrrrazzzil with a Brazilian accent.  Ah, come on.  It's so fun.  Brrrrazzilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Anyway.  No, it's a sport.  Jonah is in training.  What the hell is it though you say?  It looks like wrestling, but they are dressed like Karate...simply put.  We are trying it out.  This is our first week.  One week of free practice.  The boy has never been this excited about anything.  This Southern girl didn't have a clue what it was.  I know softball, baseball, football and basketball.  The rest of this is like a foreign language.  Eventually, I will learn all the rules and seem more worldly.

Jiu-Jitsu supposedly teaches him real world self how to fight from the ground and free yourself from someone twice your size.  Sounds cool because chances are he will be in a fight one day.  Well, it doesn't sound cool that he might eventually have to protect himself in this way, but I guess I can say he will be prepared.

Yeah, chances are he will get in a fight one day.  

Will he always smile so much during the entire fight??  I seriously looked and looked for a serious fighting picture, but the boy smiles even when he is down.  He's just so damn happy.  Amazing.  It makes me think of Chipper Jones during his first season with the Braves.  Remember that smile as he rounded the bases after a Home Run?  Then he got used to it and he quit smiling.  That was sad.  I hope Jonah never quits smiling.

Defend yourself Jonah....happily.  That's my boy.

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