Sunday, August 29, 2010

I like to pretend...

that I'm a photographer sometimes.  I pack my camera and scoop up my littler girl and take her to the park in her tutu.  Pretty soon...I realize I am not.  But it sure is fun.

So we say, F the park...let's go shopping.

So much more fun.  Maybe it was the tutu?  She pulled it up and down and around.  Not very natural for her.  Probably would have been better off in cowboy boots and her straw hat.  Next time.   Truth is...I would rather see her in a pink batting helmet than a pink tutu, but that is totally up to her.  If she wants to dance, I'll just consult with her Aunts.  No matter what, it will be awesome.  Tiny dancer...tiny player...whatever you sweet Jesse girl.  

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