Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just Float

There's something about those Beluga Whales.  So peaceful and magical.  When you watch them, an instant calmness comes over you.  It’s so beautiful.  I could close my eyes and imagine being there with no crowd and watching them glide through the water so effortlessly.  More relaxing than any spa experience.  If I could have erased the crowd and just stood there with my family, it would have been perfection last weekend.  Last weekend...our trip to the Aquarium.  Here they are on their way in.

What a hellacious crowd.  We managed though!   We managed to put our hands on the glass and imagine we were floating with the giant manta rays and whale sharks who swam up to us.  If I only had a recording of the Ewws and Ahhs taking place at this moment.  But hey, I will never forget it...and I'm guessing they will not either.

Where's the map?  I love how they needed to tell us where to go.  This way to the sharks.  This way to the penguins.

The patience award goes to Aunt Dana who waited in line for these two to pop up with the penguins.

While we watched.

And the Belugas.  See what I mean?  I think the eyes here tell the story very well.  Beauty.

Good times.  Good times.

And as most happy days do, we ended with Mexican.  I know.  It's a wonder my kids are not speaking the language fluently by now.  We were like sardines...all of us...cramed in this slinder booth.  But, we held our breath as the kids enjoyed the cheese and we downed a few pitchers.  

It's been a crazy week since last weekend.  A lot of stress trying to bring me down.  But as my love put it so eloquently, "Shit happens."  We are all healthy and look at all these good times we have had.  No need to talk about all the shit really.  We shouldn't sweat the small stuff.  I feel like a circus clown juggling full time work, what seems to be a full time teaching job at night, baseball practices, speech appointments, doctor appointments, all with my love out of town, etc.  I'm sure I have added wrinkles because of it.  But I'm listening to the sound of these sweet two children of mine sleeping along side of me, and all is good.  And I am reminded of a line from one of my favorite movies (Home for the Holidays)...."Remember the fish Mom.  Float...just float."    Oh, I get that.  Floating.  Good night.

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