Sunday, August 8, 2010

This is Real

How do I capture the spirit of this night in words? This is a moment when I know this...I am not a writer. I've thought of this off and on all day. How do I express my wonderful friendship with these three amazing women. I have no idea. All I know is that I love them, and the pure excitement of this evening was almost too much for me to contain.

We go back so far. For some of us all the way back to summers at the City Pool. Of course, we went to high school together. Then, it was like some gravitational pull that put us all back together in college. Yes, even through college. Amazing. Unusual? Wonderful! On this night, we met up here...

Oh yeah. Our old stomping ground. And we made reservations at the fabulous Westin Buckhead. We had no plans really, just the simple fact that we would make the most of it because we never see each other and we never do this. And when you split a room four ways and it's only $35 each you wonder....what have we been waiting for?

Four small town girls, four happily married women, four working Mothers, four Mothers of two. Four friends for life.

And we walked to the Tavern. And I wish I had a picture of us walking through the doors. We were greeted with a sea of white napkins falling over our heads like parade confetti. This place was alive...and so were we.

And it was like the movie Cocktail. You know, the bartenders flipping bottles and keeping the crowd happy with their tricks. Excitement. But you know what's funny, we never got close to the bar. We found a table and we talked and we laughed and it was like it was just us. When they performed, we watched, but mostly, it was just us.

And I should have had a steak dinner. But that's all I'm going to say about that. That's for us to talk year when we do it all again. Because that's all we could think about, how next year, same day, more time, we'll be here.

And as the night started to end, there was this reminder on our hotel table. A reminder of how lucky we are to go home to them. Our sweet angels. Our wonderful husbands that were so supportive of our night and took care of our angels for us.

And this night we will talk about for years to come. Our first annual. It was fabulous. One more thing though. The following morning, in sort of a daze, I picked up my phone. And I had received a text at 3:24 am. I know I was completely out when it came though. And it started out like this...

"I love you girls and I'm so glad for tonight. We are truly blessed to have each other as friends. I am thankful. I love yall..."

That's real. That's our friendship. Till next year ladies. Love you.


  1. So much fun! I can't wait until next time!
    Love you all,

  2. I loved every minute, can't wait until next year.

    Love Yall,

  3. Girls Night 2010 was AWESOME! You girls are great. I am gonna get the Tshirts for GN 2011 made up soon!! He. he. Love yall, Julie