Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Grade

Here we go again.  It's already crazy.  School is in session and getting back to the routine has been hard.  It has been two weeks and Oh, I feel it.  It's been a rocky start.  But even with all the craziness, my boy seems happy.  He flows.  It seems like months ago we were shopping for supplies.  Why in the world is that?  Crazy, that's why.  But looking back, this was cool.  Armed with the list, calling the items out one by one...Ok, where are the glue sticks?  Over here!

Jonah got a blue ruler, Jesse grabbed the purple.

I guess Jonah was wondering what other purpose this boring tool could be useful for.

Monday morning.  Started out fine.  Ms. Kelly and Jesse waved goodbye from outside.  They waved, we waved, and our focus turned towards the road.  And we drove off and left them locked out of the house.  Yep, just hanging out.  They were cool, because we weren't long.  It was a beautiful morning...thank goodness.  Hey, and there's usually a pair of spare shoes by the door and plenty of sidewalk chalk.  

And we got him squared away in class.  I peeked in with my camera so not to embarrass him too much.  Left him there on the back row...his back row of all boys which he seemed super thrilled about.

And then he was supposed to ride the bus home.  And...well, the teacher put my baby on the wrong bus.  And...the last two weeks we have spoken to both assistant principals and the principal...And if this happens again...well, well, do I even have to say?  What a freakin nightmare that was.  I'm getting passed it.  I'm getting passed it so we can concentrate on other things like this.  Like the fact that his first homework was a spelling game on the computer.  And he maneuvered this thing like a pro.  And he played Word Search and he was so proud.

We worked on spelling words every night this week.  We were preparing for his first test.  His very first test ever would be a Spelling test on Friday.  He was ready.

She was ready too.  She's so anxious to join most yonger siblings are.  So ready for school.

He aced it.

So, here we are a couple of weeks in and we are getting a little more adjusted.  I have often thought this week how different it all seems.  In a lot of ways, school is the same, but in a lot of ways, it is so very different.  I'm sure I did homework, but I sure don't remember much until I was older.  I rode the bus, but I never got on the wrong one. a perfect world, I would write a perfect story of how beautiful Jonah's first day of First Grade was and how he got off the bus safely and even have a cool picture of him stepping off that big yellow ride smiling ear to ear.  But that didn't happen and I'm not going to sugar coat it.  In fact, I'll just end with this... 

I'm loving this picture.  I love these two children and I wish I could promise them a perfect world.  But, obviously, it is not.  So, we learn and we prepare for it all.  Every day.  And my sweet Jonah, I am so proud of you.  When your Daddy and I got to the school that first afternoon, you were so cool.  Not at all upset.  Just simply, "Mama, she put me on the wrong bus."  You were so brave and so calm.  I rushed there to hold you and ease your pain, and the opposite happened.  You were the one comforting me and you didn't even know it.  Oh, I love you so sweet young Jonah.

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  1. Yay Jonah!!! Such a strong young man! Keep your mamma sane!