Sunday, August 1, 2010

How I want to feel forever...

Everything I love. Everything I need. It's all right here. Right here.

They played in my upholstered, removable top ottoman Saturday morning. And I decided, it was ok. Who cares? How often do I get to see this, so who cares? And Ms. Kelly rented them Hotel for Dogs...and we watched it many times this porch chairs Jesse decided to bring inside. Ok.

And thanks to Aunt Kelly, we got to celebrate our Anniversary Saturday evening. It was spectacular. He worked so hard all day painting Jesse's room the most perfect Princess pink. And then we celebrated. Like we like. With Margaritas of course.

And as we left our favorite restaurant in the city, we admired. I'm sure the Valet thought I was nuts, but how often do you see this ya know? A Bentley. Nice, but I was just as happy as I could be jumping in my 2000 Acura. Yeah, just as happy.

I don't long for this kind of rich. I'm already as rich as I can be. I do love my husband. I do love my family. And waking up Sunday morning next to him and my angels was the perfect dessert to our Saturday evening. So much better than a Bentley.

And this weekend...this is how I want to feel forever.

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  1. You know, I have never eaten at Nava.. Is it good? I need to find a babysitter some day and go out with my hubby! Very beautiful post.