Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Silly Sunday

They were babies when they first met, these two boys.  Yes, together nearly every day from three or so months through Pre-K.  Now they go to different schools and well, their Mamas will not let that keep them apart.  So, on Sunday, we planned yet another play date.  And Jonah literally moved a dining room chair to the front door and watched and waited till he arrived.  The arrival of Tyler and his sister, Erin….greater than a visit from the President for sure.

I planned a day full of getting things done while the kids played contently.  And well, I just couldn’t help but clear the camera and charge the battery.  I couldn’t help it because below my feet I kept hearing the sounds.  The sounds of happy children.  And I kept walking down to admire the view of them.  It was an amazing view.  A sea of blonde smiles.  The laughter and happiness coming from that area of our house was so contagious.  How did my love put it?  Euphoric…that’s what he said. 

We were silly.  Whoever came up with the notion that children shouldn’t play with their food must have been a really sad person.

I remember when Erin was born and suddenly Jonah spoke of Tyler’s “baby.”   And I remember when Jesse was born and Jonah had a “baby” too.  And I remember Tyler coming up to Jesse so sweetly and touching her little toes and saying “Hey Jesse” in the sweetest baby talk.  He understood because he had Erin.  It just melted my heart.

Now the girls are connecting as if there is no age difference.  The admiration Jesse has for Erin is quite amazing.

I don’t think I have ever witnessed children playing for this amount of time without some sort of argument.  Pure sweet proof right here.

So our weekend ended on a very happy note.  We work so hard all week between school and work and washing clothes and cleaning house.  It’s easy to get wrapped up and forget to slow down and enjoy it all if we are not careful. Everyone is going at such a fast pace.  It seems like the world is forcing our kids to grow up way too quickly.  So, at my house, kids will be kids.  They will be silly.  Every day will not be as perfect as this Sunday.  And when it is not, we will make it all better by making walrus faces with apples and French fries.  Thank you for reminding me of this sweet Tyler, Jonah, Erin and Jesse. 

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