Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tropical Storm

My love is out of town tonight and it is dinner time. I started out with the grand idea of raisin toast and eggs for dinner. Put fresh raisin toast in the oven, opened the eggs. Hmmmm. So, I asked Jonah, what would you like to go with your raisin toast? "Corn would be great with raisin toast!" Ok then! I got corn! Great, let's put some peas with this and we are set.

We are a mess tonight. It's storming where my love is. I told him I had my own tropical storm here tonight...that would be Jesse Girl. If you have or have had a 2 year understand. The screaming and crying and you have no idea what for. Use your words girl! I put the corn, peas and toast on the table...added some fresh strawberries which I thought was a very nice touch. Nope, not going for it like her brother. Hmmm. Yogurt?! Yes, yogurt with sprinkles! Thank goodness, a common ground. Thank you to my love for buying a nice supply of yogurt!! That held her attention for a little while. Till it was gone. Then...more crying.

Truth is, she just had a big day. She's tired. Another adventurous day with Ms. Kelly. Today...the Bounce House. Bounced her little heart out.

I talked to a friend at work today. We were comparing kid stories. I thought of her tonight. I had told her that it seems like I get my kids at the worst time of the day. Typical working Mom crap. We get home just as the tired and cranky sets in. We feed them dinner...get them baths most nights and look forward to that little moment just before they go to sleep when they transform back to their little sweet selves and tell us they love us and give us lovin and kisses. And then somehow we forget all the hell we just went through and love life again. Amazing how that happens. This is the good stuff right here...

This is really for my dear, loving, partner in silly friend Samantha. It's not always perfect. How could it be possibly! They fought most of the night and that's just part of it. I live for those sweet, fresh mornings right when they wake up and hug each other and say "Good Morning Jonah!" "Good Morning Jesse!" Then, it's a roller coaster from there. But is all so worth it. Samantha knows this too.

Time to curl up and sleep in between my angels. The storm has's a beautiful night.

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  1. Becky and Ray PritchettJune 16, 2010 at 10:04 PM

    Enjoyed your blog. You have a way with words and pics. you have always been special to us.It's wonderful to see you so happy!