Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh, why the hell not?

My love and Jonah left this Father's Day for a while....went to the golf store. All I wanted to do was get the big stuff picked up, get myself a little ready, put Jesse girl down for a nap and start my love's dinner. But this little girl had other plans.

Oh, why the hell not? Here ya go. Knock yourself out girl.

"You want some?" "OK."

When we were done, somehow she decided to celebrate by jumping on the bed. And again, why the hell not? And look what I got. See, most people would throw this picture out. But I was so excited to see this one. I guess I could have pretended that I was going for this effect. Who cares...I love it. That's my girl in action.

At this point, forget nap. That's just not going to be easy. All my why the hell not's didn't really help matters. But again, oh well. Need to get cooking.

First, dessert. Peach and Blueberry Crumbles. Summery dish I think. Daddy loves fruit desserts. Side note...apparently, if you boil peaches for 30 seconds to a minute, the peels just rub right off so easily. It's amazing.

Not too bad. But perhaps this was a little heavy of a dessert to follow spaghetti and meatballs? Oh, why the hell not?

I think these Dads liked it just fine.

But see, my don't care attitude when it came to Jesse's nap really bit me..well you know. She passed out just before dinner. She missed the rest of the evening. She missed the Father's Day celebration. And...Jonah's putting game with his own rules...

Grandmommy and Aunt Kelly in the back yard...playing along with Jonah's rules and watching fire flies.

But, this bothered me the most. It was the clearest of clear skies I have seen in so long. The moon was beautiful. I was so upset. She's missing it. So, I took a picture of this one for her. Later, my love reminded me that there would be plenty more moons.

I really hope to make this up to you tomorrow sweet little moon lover.

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