Saturday, June 12, 2010


I made the decision early this morning to forgo an overnight trip with my family. Of course, after some encouragement from my love. See, I've been so consumed with work, being with my family, taking pictures, and blogging that I have completely let my house go. It was starting to get to me. After some thinking, I decided my upcoming days would be even greater if I just got this place a little more under control.

I sent them off with a little tear...wondering if I did the right thing. It wasn't too difficult for the kids at all. Well, because they were headed to Grandmommy's house. You know, that magical place where all their wishes are granted and they can eat fudgesicles at 10:00 at night if they want. Top that off with Granddaddy's birthday, Baby Ella's pool birthday party and....cha ching. Two happy children.

So, I turned on some music and danced with 409 in hand. I forgot how enjoyable this could be.

I found my closet floor. Discovered my beautiful red shoes that I need to make a huge point to wear very soon. Walked around in them for a minute and imagined I was Carrie Bradshaw about to meet friends in Manhattan for Cosmos. Ahhhh, I could totally be a big city girl..of course, with a country accent.

Side girl shares my love of the moon....and shoes.

I realized there was no way I could get this entire house the type of clean I like in one day. So, I went outside for a little while and soaked up a little sun (carefully). And later this evening, I poured my glass of Pinot Noir and painted my toes the same color. OPI Black Cherry Chutney. My Lincoln Park After Dark was pretty faded.

Evening is here. At this point, I really started missing my love and my babies. So what do I do? Open up this beautiful, silvery Mac and start gazing at pictures from our summery last night of course.

And my love dodging my pictures. Love these.

All the thoughts that went through my head today get to land right here on this sort of blank page. Hello my glass of red wine. Hello my freshly painted toes. Hello my new passion for picture taking and blogging.

So, I miss my family. But this recharging is good. Mamas need this sort of thing every now and then. When they come home tomorrow, my hugs will be a little tighter, my attention extra closer, my smiles a little bigger. Can't wait!

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