Thursday, July 1, 2010

Christmas in July

Things are just a little out of the ordinary around our house this evening. Aunt Kelly was with the kids today, which was anything but unordinary...more extraordinary. But, Jesse had Christmas music playing in the basement tonight. Hmmmm. That was the first sign. Wow, here's the next one.

He's gone...duty calls and my love is gone. Again. It was hard to hear, especially on the eve of a holiday weekend. Very hard to hear. Problem is, I want him around. We all do. We miss him.

But there are more important things in the world going on than our little family 4th of July celebration. Not that we had a huge event planned or anything. Just us...maybe a picnic, watermelon, fireworks, maybe hamburgers and hotdogs. That's it. But, there are people that need him. I get that. I get that he would never say no, especially in this particular situation. He would never say no to this. And, no, he wouldn't like for me to talk about "this." There is a reason other than I love him that I call him "my love."

I know this one thing. I know that there is no other place on this Earth that he would rather be than right here. I know because he shows us and tells us. As he is to us, we are to him. And this is what makes it easier. So we will go on and we will celebrate. And we will hope to see him before the weekend is done. And we will send him tons of pictures and tell him how much we are missing him.

I will continue to plan a little something. I will continue to let him know that we are thinking of him every minute, every second of the everything we do. I will continue to be proud of him. Because it is people like him that make my world so wonderful.

I bought this bubble machine tonight on a quick errand to Target. Needed wipes. This was just sitting there for me at the register. You of those items they put there just for suckers like me to grab at the last second. Even had a large bottle of bubbles right there for me too. Well then, why the hell not?

And I brought it home. And we had Christmas and what seemed like snow in July. And it was fabulous.

Go get 'em love. We are so proud of you. Go get 'em and then hurry home so we can celebrate you.

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