Monday, July 5, 2010

Show me your Stars

Hey Jesse, show me your stars.
I know..I know..I couldn't resist.

We worried for nothing. Our 4th turned out great. It was everything it should be you know. Family, friends, good food and fireworks. That's the perfect recipe.

Top that off with a surprise visit from the ice cream truck and there you go.

Oh, the selection. What in the world? I remember selecting from a fudgesicle, popsicle, push up and ice cream sandwich.

Well, times have changed. Today's ice cream truck has Dora and Spiderman and anything else you can dream of shaped like ice cream on a stick.

Can't beat this.
Even better than ice cream...he came home and lit up our evening even more.

He must have been exhausted, but he didn't complain.

Sparklers...they never get old.

The show was pretty dang good for our small town. These reactions here are priceless.

"Is that the last one?" No baby, not yet.

Jesse jumped from lap to lap and enjoyed the show from many points of view.

Such an improvement from last year's Scottish Rite upper deck experience.

But it really didn't matter where we long as we were together. That's all I wanted.

And we celebrated...and we sang Happy Birthday with 4th of July cupcakes and my love's homemade key lime pie...and we stayed up really late all weekend...and we laughed...and we loved. And it was so dang nice.

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  1. The pictures turned out great! We enjoyed spending the 4th all of you!! I need to get some copies of the pictures from you!