Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm 15 for a moment...

Rewind a little bit...She came to visit and brought one of her own little angels with her, Ansley. And it was like old times. And watching our children play together was the absolute best.

It all took me back. Took me back to 15. Took me back to how silly we were. Took me back to my first car. Took me back to swinging by and picking her up and turning the radio up, windows down, and circling town. That old car had a good radio you know. Madonna. Milli Vanilli. Boys II Men. Yeah baby. Took me back to going on that Scavenger hunt to find her shiny Black Celica with a big red bow at her Grandmother's house. And later, that license plate of hers...simply...Cori. So fun! Gosh, took me back to all the nights I knocked on her window because somehow she was the one that always got caught and couldn't join us.

And MY best friend was the coolest too. Not only was she gorgeous and popular, but so damn funny and genuine. So, I latched on and loved to make her laugh. She is so much a part of me...a part of who I've become. And I will always be thankful to her.

Now a days, we differ a little. I love that child in her still. The child that would rather have a bowl of ice cream than a glass of wine. And yes, we have a difference here. There is always a time for ice cream...and there is always a time for dear friend.

And then there's this. I remember how it took her seconds to be at my house on that April day. I don't know who called her. I just know it took her seconds. I remember sitting in the room...holding her hand. I couldn't let go. I knew I would never see her again. I didn't want to let go. And then I looked up and there she was. My best friend standing in the doorway to my Mama's bedroom. And she kneeled with me and we cried and she helped me...she helped me let go.

It's hard going back there. Hurts all over again. But now I can understand how beautiful it was. I think I do.

And we continued living. And then having babies. Trips to the beach and even New York. We've found out a way to stay wonderful group of girlfriends from back home. All those girls that know that child in me. And bring it out when they are with me. I love them for that.

And Ansley, I'm so in love with her. Because she is her Mama and I'm going to get to see her grow up all over again.

And that's really cool.


  1. Heather, How beautiful! What a sweet post and tribute to your friend!

  2. I cried again reading this. You are so talented. I mean it! Really you are. I love you! Can't wait til September!