Friday, July 23, 2010

Jesse's Moon

Sometimes, it's natural, I guess, to come down a few days. Let's just be real a minute. Every day can't possibly be Mary Poppins perfect, now can it? Some days I just want more time with my angels. And what I am needing the most, more alone time with my love. Not to mention, maybe a girls night out somewhere in there. And many days this week I would imagine...what would be like to not work and to live in a small beach cottage? What would it be like to walk around barefoot and in a tank top and shorts most days…sitting in a beach chair with my feet in the sand with a cold beer in my hand watching the kids make sand castles? What would it be like to call Mama and say come on up, I’m home alone with the kids. Let’s make cookies with them and watch Anne of Green Gables. There’s this thing called Food Network you’re going to love!! Just wait till I introduce you to Barefoot Contessa and Paula Deen. What would that be like? Not sure. But, it’s ok. I know I’m blessed. But sometimes, I just can’t help but wonder.

And then, while I am missing my love and my angels are fast asleep, I start looking back at pictures.

Jesse’s new big girl bed…or as she calls it, her “princess bed”. How excited I am about this stage in life and just imagining her sitting there…eventually with a telephone in hand and chatting with her girls. Giggle and laughter coming from her room while I remind her to finish her homework for sure.

These from her very first night in this new phase in life.

How much she is growing and how every day I see more and more of my Mom in her. Looks and personality. All of it. Realizing she is with me after all.

How much excitement she gets from a simple trip to the ice cream shop.

And Sprinkles! Simple things like Sprinkles just bring her so much joy.

And yet again, I am reminded of how very great it is. How great it is to see her actually reach for it tonight. It was grand.

Good Night Moon. Good Night Room. Good Night ungrateful thoughts. Hello Weekend.

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  1. There is just not enough time. Working sucks.. I really miss out on so much and I HATE it... Girls night out cuts out on seeing your babies getting tucked in at night.. which is your highlight of your whole day! You (or I) miss out on so much during the day... how can you miss out tucking in too. Have you figured out our business plan yet? We need a business where you work 20 hours each week and I put in another 20 hours. Hmm.. now what can we do?