Monday, September 26, 2011

Clearing the Rough

Jonah, your Dad took you to a football game on Friday night.  He says you loved it.  He says you got to play around with a bunch of kids on the field after the game.  He says he enjoyed every minute of it with you.  He was so proud that you got to experience that.  He was so proud of you.

I'm eventually going to install a hidden camera on your head to catch photos from such events that I am unable to attend.  Your Dad is lacking in that department.

He makes up for it in other ways though.


Which leads me to all the excitement from the rest of the weekend.  You know...Luke is gonna get really, really big.  He needs a place to roam and play. This weekend, you and your sister began to help us clear the rough and prepare for a fence.  At first, I felt really bad about this.  So much work on Fall Break?

But you didn't seem to mind.  In fact, you didn't want to stop.  It was a huge adventure.

You guys got along so well.

Gosh, who knew?  All this time, all I had to do was give you two a task...a mission...a common goal.  I'll be dang.  Who knew?

My love told you that you were in charge of Jesse.  When I joined you, you were quick to relay the news to me.  I believe you liked the responsibility.  Jesse just liked that you were paying her some attention.  Amazing.

"You guys are doing so great!  Dance for me!"

Ok, but no singing he says.

"I like to move it move it."

"Move it!"


I forgot kids.  This is hard work.  We got all these fallen trees from previous tornados and such to clean up.


Ok, so that's ok.  Have fun too.


"How many licks does it take to get to the center of this log?"  Fun predictions here.


Jonah, I had lots of ideas of what I wanted to do with you this week.  You have no idea.  I am coming to realize that just staying home and hanging out and helping us out wasn't a bad fall break for you.  Thank you for getting excited about that.  Thank you for treating your sister so well today.  Thank you for bringing so much joy to your Daddy's Friday night.  Thank you for reading to me tonight.  Thank you for using toothpaste tonight too.  Thank you in advance for not peeing on my toilet tomorrow.  (I know you can ring it buddy.)

Now, back to school tomorrow.  Sorry kiddo.  I love you.  You're still my best boy.

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