Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Slow Down Sister

She has her Daddy's eyes. Yep, that's pretty much Daddy's Girl.
Can I claim any of that?

Our Jesse is having a great year. Much deserved.

She's been through it for sure. Last year, our beach trip was cut short with her third major asthma attack and third stay in the hospital. That will always be the year we watched 4th of July fireworks from the upper parking deck of Scottish Rite. That was the 4th we were counting our blessings, because unlike others there, we knew she was going to be OK.

This year was a much different story.

Running, Laughing, Playing, Screaming, Oh the Eating, Living, and Breathing.

Lover of shoes, princess pajamas, necklaces and bracelets. Now, let's don't forget chocolate and cheese. Follower of Jonah. Independent, Strong, So Funny and So Loving. That's Our Girl. Jesse Girl.

Here we go...something from me. Lover of Strawberry Daiquiri.


  1. How freaking adorable!!

  2. How cute! I am happy that she has had a good year too! Her mommy needed the break also!