Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mama's Tea Cakes

I wish I had some sort of recording device to record everything that was going through my head tonight. Seriously. My mind was all over the place. So many things I want to say and I feel like I am going to burst if I don't get some of it out! What's up with me! I'm an engineer, not a writer! I did Cori's math homework...she did my English. Something is not right in my universe. But I'm sure enjoying it.

My little angels are asleep.

My love is out of town.
And what am I doing tonight?? Baking.

I'm baking for Mr. Clark (Jonah's bus driver)...or so I thought. Actually, it turns out it is a lot for me. Mama's Tea Cakes. I can remember just like yesterday sitting at our kitchen bar and watching her go through batches of these things. The frustration when a batch came out of the oven not just right. I'm smiling. I miss that. I think I have found her recipe. Actually, it's not exactly the recipe, but I think she used this one and added vanilla. They had to have vanilla!! So I added it!

As I was fantasizing about being a food photographer...I almost burned my second batch of tea cakes. But how fun would it be to smell freshly baked cookies every day and take pictures of these perfectly still subjects! But I'm not kidding myself here. I'm no photographer. But if I could start over and go that route I would.

Ahhhhhhhhh, perfection. Look at those beauties! Mama would be so proud. Not too crispy, not too soft, not too brown....just right. Man, I think Mr. Clark is going to love these! Although, Jonah might be disappointed they are missing the chocolate chips. Ooops.

Mr. Clark, you're the best!

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