Monday, December 6, 2010


We've been really busy.   We've been decorating for weeks.  We do a little bit here and a little bit there.  We take a break.  We do more.  We now have five trees.  Five trees.  We have five trees.  We're nuts.  I think that's enough.   I'll spare you all the decorating pictures for now, but here's a few from the first one.

We were invited to a lovely party.  We felt very special.  I'm sure a lot of people were invited, but we still felt very special.  I love Christmas parties.  I love Rustique.

Rustique is one of those stores that you walk in and your eyes go wide and your jaw drops to the floor.  You have to keep going back again and again because you just can't take it all in.  Well, that's how I decided to work it out.  And that's how I got to know Kelly.  Kelly travels the world to bring all of these treasures back here for people like me to come and admire.  It's all so breathtaking and beautiful.  Even more so at Christmas.  Here's a taste.  It is a beautiful store.

Seriously, right?  Nice.  But really, these pictures do not do it justice.  It's so much more than this.  My angels thought it was fabulous too.  And boy did they enjoy the food.  

And they admired everything shiny and sparkly.

And they really loved this beautiful rocking horse.  I can just imagine that it came from the playroom of a young Prince or Princess.  Can't you?  My mind works like that.  Just like Jesse's beautiful bed that Kelly found just for us.  It is the most perfect Princess bed I have ever seen.  I have made up my mind that royalty slept in it somewhere long ago.

We did not bring him home.  We might have to take the kids back some day for another ride though.

These two make friends so easily.  Isn't it amazing how a child can spark a lovely conversation with a complete stranger?  This happened several times through the night.  I watched them in amazement, and as usual, couldn't believe they were mine.  This is no different than any other parent really.  They teach us to be open and to be kind and to be true and most importantly, to be happy.  I love them so much for that.  I'm happy....and sleepy.  Good Night.

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