Thursday, December 9, 2010

Merrty Christmas

Some days you have to make an internal decision to laugh off your so called problems or have a nervous breakdown.  I feel like laughing.

Just this week, for example, I had to wear my tennis shoes all day at work with dress pants because my Jesse girl took my black heels out of my bag and paraded around the living room while watching Dora…and didn’t return them to my bag when she was done.  See, maybe I am showing my age, but I wear my tennis shoes in to work and slip on my Kate Spade Black Patent Leather heels when I get to my desk.  I give the illusion that I can walk in heels any day...everyday...all day.  Anyway.  Boy, I was so rockin' hot walking down the hallway at work in my Nike Turbos.  You should have seen me.  Rockin'.

And now today.  I finally got our Christmas card together.  I like to do my own.  I have been for several years.  Not that difficult really.  Just finding the time is the hardest part.  Well, I was patting myself on the back for getting them ordered this week.  I was really looking forward to getting them in the mail tomorrow.  Then, I looked at the digital file today one more time and realized this….

I misspelled Merry.  Holly crap.  I misspelled Merry.

Possible reasons:
1)      It had to have been one of the kids.  They are constantly pecking at my computer while I am on it.  Either one of them could have put a "t" in there.
2)      I can’t type.
3)      I can’t spell.
4)   I need sleep.
4          5)      All of the above.

Ok, probably the last option there.  Wow.  It is really funny.

Part of me wants to leave it just like it is and give everyone a laugh.  Perhaps I will.  I can hear it now.  My very best friends will laugh their head off and call me.  Some may not notice.  Some might be thinking..."Yeah, that Heather.  Yeah, she thinks she has it together doesn't she?  She can't even spell Merry.  What an idiot."  Or perhaps, I will get some paper like my great friend (who I should add jumped right on the case like MacGyver when I told her) suggested to give it a really cool 3D effect.  Woohooo!  Buy puffy tape and cool paper and snowflakes and make it 3D.  Cover the part with the writing, and no one will notice.  Oh yeah, I meant for it to be this way!  Or perhaps the company will have mercy on me because I have little time for the crafty stuff and send me more.  We’ll see.  You’ll certainly see….eventually.

Oh stupid self.  See, I don't have it together.  I'm usually a mess.  Half dressed at work, falling up stairs, running into poles...stuff like that.  But I make it through.

Oh stupid self.  It's just a card.  It's just a card.  Merrty Christmas everyone.  Merrty Christmas.

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  1. Oh Heather!!! I am so sorry but that is so funny! We all know that you an spell Merry! This is just priceless and the card to keep forever....One day,the kids will be ignoring you for hours and you will have all the time in the world to concentrate on making cards. You won't have a toddler banging at your keys.. But this Christmas card, you will remember and cherish forever. I sure hope I get one... I will make it an ornament for a tree. Cuz.. this one shows a Wonderful mother trying to do it all..and will remind me how I did not get my card done because I was overwhelmed by it all. This is one of the most beautiful cards I have every seen.