Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I was so Mad

I have written so many posts through the end of 2012 and never published them.  It just didn't feel right.  I think my heart just wasn't in the right place and it didn't feel real, so I took a break.

Have you ever read that book "I was so Mad" by Mercer Mayer?  Mayer has an entire collection of children's books about this little critter going through typical child like scenarios.  Jesse loves them all, but this story especially.  I love reading it to her because I really know how the little critter feels.  I love how the story starts.  "I wanted to keep some frogs in the bathtub, but Mom wouldn't let me.  I was so mad."

I get that. (I highly suggest reading this to your child if you've had a bad day.  Boy do I get into the "I was so mad" parts and Jesse loves it.)

I was just mad about some things toward the end of the year.  I was mad about those sweet, innocent lives lost.  Pretty pictures and silly stories about my life didn't seem to matter.

I was mad about work.  It's hard lately.  Free time for this little hobby is slim.

I am still mad sometimes that she's not here to scream at the ref during Jonah's basketball games and to make Jesse's birthday cake next month.  Sometimes I get mad no matter how long it has been, but even that felt stupid to say.

Anywho...lots of things can make one mad.

It is a wonderful world though, and I am sorry I waste time being mad about things I can't change.  I am human though, and these things happen.  I keep thinking I am going to find my super human power.  I am still waiting on it.

Just kidding.

Not really.

So this is what I do till my powers surface, I pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again.

Hey yo...it's a new year, and the kids are back in school tomorrow.  Yikes.

Happy 2013 folks.

I went through some pictures recently and these made me smile.  I'm sort of behind.

Gosh, back from Halloween.  I can't believe I never went through all those till now.

I posted the family Halloween shot on Facebook in a moment of weakness.  I was just so proud of it.  Thanks for the shot Aunt Kelly.


I adore these photos.


Bright yellow is just what I need.


Big smiles and bright yellow flowers.

I do love them.


If Jesse had her way, we would have dug them all up and brought them home.  I need to find some to plant in our yard for her.


Jonah climbed a tree while she was picking flowers.


And she will not let him out do her in anything I am afraid.  So my love hoisted her up there too.


Oh, the people I love.  These were great days back in the Fall.

I have so enjoyed sitting at my computer and going through photos again.  I think not making time for it is a very bad idea.  I think I need this for some strange reason.  It really does help remind me of the wonderful moments that outweigh the hard times.  I believe that was my intention wasn't it?

I worked on our vacation from back in September the last few days, and I think I'll share some of that.  Maybe I'll get to Christmas in July?

Dusting myself off.

How does that book end? I believe the little critter's Mom says he could play with friends, and he replies to her, "I'll run away tomorrow...if I'm still so mad."

That's a good idea.  Chances are that there will always be more good than bad and more happy than mad.  Don't you think?

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  1. Love these pictures - they yellow just stands out! Did you know you can post date your blog posts? You can change the date so that it reads back when you wanted to do it. Now someone might miss a post that way but I have used it to keep my sanity. I have once or twice written at the bottom of my post. I have added another blog entry here (link) that has been post dated to relate to the time it happened. I am not sure you want to do this but wanted to let you know it was an option. :)