Monday, May 7, 2012

End of Soccer, Cousins and the Secret of Life

I'm in such a good mood.  Really, it's sickening.  I know.  I can't help it though.  What's funny is I'm covered in poison ivy...literally covered in it.  I think I even have it in my ear.  I don't care...I'm still high on life.  I don't even have much to say.  Actually, I have one thing to say.  I'm really thankful for prescription meds and little league soccer and baseball players.  They sure do make me happy.


The soccer season is over and we will miss it.  I personally will miss the soccer socks.  I sure did love the soccer socks.  I might continue to put her in them from time to time.


Her first medal.  She was so proud.  I loved capturing it.


She was so surprised that her cousin, Kadee, and her Grandparents came.  They couldn't have given her anything that made her more happy.

And we left her final game and went straight to Jonah' they look interested in the game at all?  They looked up every now and then and wore his button proudly.  Oh, but I know they were proud of him.

My love is good about giving him pointers without going overboard.  It makes me so proud.  He tells me all the time, "At the end of the's just 7/8 year old baseball."  I'm proud of him for recognizing that.

He was equally proud to have such a nice cheering section today.

But we had a little something to take care of when the games were over...we missed Kadee's birthday and I'll be dang if I wasn't going to make up for it.

Don't you just love birthdays?  I think we all should have more than one celebration.


Especially the young goes by way too fast.  She's 7 now.  It makes me hurt inside.


She is really starting to grow up...too tough to take.


The cake disappeared in...not joking...less than 10 minutes...the entire cake.  We like to eat.

Trampoline time!  Ella can hang.


Jonah is such a goof ball.  I watched him closely at this past Sunday night's All Star game dinner  (at Mexican...I think I am in love with these families).  The boy didn't sit down.  He was standing and talking non stop.  My love said he just needed a podium.


Go Kadee!  My kids worship you.

We got out the slip 'n slide too.  The girls had a towel break.

And laughed at Jonah putting on a show.  I do not know why they think he is so funny.  The more they laugh the worse he's going to get I'm afraid.

Ella might just be Jonah's biggest supporter.

Cousins make childhood a lovely ride.  The Secret of Life by James Taylor...he says it all.

Now, where are those meds for my poison ivy?  I need good sleep for a new day.  Night all.

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