Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Conversation with the Sun

It was morning.

We had a visitor.  He was large and warm and loving.

"Well, hello there beautiful Sun.  Nice to see ya.  Why don't you shine some light on that sweet face over there now would ya?  My camera is charged, and I'm staring at her anyway.  I might as well use it, and you sure could help me out.  OK?" I asked.


"Well sure.  I'd love to," replied the Sun.


"There's nothing better than the sweet cheeks and sparkling eyes of a child.  I prefer to shine on them over anything else," the Sun continued.


"I agree Mr. Sun.  I do not emit rays, but I'm sure there is some sort of chemical that pours out of me when I look at her.  Whatever it is, it feels so good to me too."


"Yeah, it does come out of you, and I can see it.  I have an eye for these things," agreed the Sun.


"Wow, that's amazing.  I wish I could be you sometimes," I replied.

"It's hot up here honey," the Sun said matter of factly.


"I know, but you shine on the world," I said.

"Good point my dear," remarked the Sun.

"But you get to touch those beautiful cheeks and hold her hand as she drifts to sleep," the Sun continued.

"Oh yes, and tickle her and make her laugh and hold her when she cries," I agreed.

"Exactly my dear.  I will do my part, you will do yours, and we will make this a beautiful place," said the Sun.


"I like how you think.  We're a team...you and me.  Thank you for shining on my angel and making my morning so great," I cheerfully replied.

"I'm always here.  Even when you can't see me.  I'm always here."

"Thanks.  Oh, and please introduce yourself to her one day when she is all grown up.  She is going to love talking to you," I said.

"I know.  The Moon told me all about her already.  I'm secretly in competition with him for her affection," the Sun acknowledged.

"Oh.  Good luck with that," I stated.

"I know.  I got my work cut out for me ha?" asked the Sun.

"Maybe not.  She's me, and I sure do like you just the same," I ended with a smile.

Imagination is a wonderful thing.  And Jesse, you have always been my Sunshine.

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