Sunday, July 3, 2011


Kids, I'm  How the hell old am I?  37...dear goodness.  Anyway, if anyone else reads this in 30 years it will be you, and you will both be thirtysomething.  I have one thing to say to my thirtysomething sweet angels.

You can give into an age and act like it, OR you can just throw it up as a stupid number and act 15 sometimes.  I'm not saying to be irresponsible, but please do not quit having fun and living life.  

There's a kid in all of us, no matter what age.  If you forget that, you will be sad.  You will be sad all the dang time.  But, if you feed that inner child,, how happy you can be.

I did some things with you today that made me feel like a kid, and it felt so good.  I just wanted you to know that.  Truth is that it doesn't even matter what it was.  It was just fun.

The two of you remind me every single day what it's like to be young and free and loving and happy.  You are my fountain of youth.  Thank you for making me young again.  I love you.

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