Wednesday, May 18, 2011


On Saturdays, we have baseball.  We are in the end of season tournament mode.  I thought we would be done with baseball by now, but there's this strange thing that keeps happening.  These little Bad News Bears keep winning.  So, here we still are.

Making silly faces and scoring runs.

Something about holding your tongue out makes you run faster.

This is Ella.  She's my niece.  On this weekend, she came to watch Jonah play.  Right here, she reminds me so much of my love's Grandmother.  Is it the glasses?  Is it the expression?  Not sure.  I do know that it seems like she is thinking, "You brought me all the way up here for this?  I can do that with my eyes closed Jonah."

When he rounds home, he looks to us.  He sort of half smiles and looks for recognition.  He doesn't hustle back to the dugout.  He struts.  It's cute for a minute, and then I yell at him to hustle in.  And...I secretly wish he keeps strutting because it's so dang cute.

And they keep winning.

It's very hard to take pictures at moments like this.

I want to capture it.

But I also want to throw the camera down and hug them all.


And cousin Kadee joined us as well.  And she and Jesse colored and played while Jonah did his thing.  But, they were both quick to join the huddle and congratulate him in the end.

Oh, and Grandmommy.  There is nothing on this planet as sweet and warm as a hug from Grandmommy.  It's so obvious in his expressions.

He knows she is proud of him.  He knows she is always proud of him.

And he loves her immensely.

It was a treat having family along this weekend.  It was also hot!  So, we went for ice cream.  There's this place near us called The Frosty Frog that we visit sometimes.

They were silly with their ice cream cones.

And very happy to be together.

That's good stuff.


And here's Ella again.  She rocked the ice cream cup very well.


And I enjoyed watching.  She was angelic standing there with her ice cream covered nose and sweet smile.

The next day....

They were pretty worn out.  No doubt about that.  But, Jonah really wanted Kadee to watch Harry Potter with him.

He's loving Harry right now.


Jesse doesn't seem too thrilled.

Hmmmmm.  Will Kadee like it?  Is it too much for her?

Is that a smile?  Yes.  That's my girl.

She's incredibly beautiful eh?  I love how she doesn't  mind me taking her picture.  She would sit with me for hours and give me a million different poses.  But, I like her sweet, simple expressions like this the best.

I love my nieces.  I love being an Aunt.  I love that I have a sweet nephew on the way.  And...I love weekends full of fun.

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