Friday, April 22, 2011

No games. Just sports.

As I was thinking about our race and what to write this week, a movie came to mind. This is a quote from a movie I really, really like, What Women Want.  You know stars Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt.  Mel plays Nick, and Helen is Darcy.  Nick is struck by lightening and can hear women's thoughts.  Nick and Darcy work for an advertising company.  They give a pitch to Nike to appeal to the more feminine audience.  Nick's pitch goes like this:

You don't stand in front
of a mirror before a run...

and wonder what the road
will think of your outfit.

You don't have to listen to its
jokes and pretend they're funny.

It would not be easier to run
if you dressed sexier.

The road doesn't notice
If you're not wearing lipstick. 

It does not care
how old you are. 

You do not feel

because you make more money
than the road.

And you can call on the road
whenever you feel like it,

whether it's been a day...

or even a couple of hours
since your last date.

The only thing
the road cares about...

is that you pay it a visit
once in a while.


No games. 

Just sports.


So...we did it!  It's one of those things you want to scream out, but you don't want people to think you are you restrain.  But I'm tired of restraining, WE DID IT!  We ran a 10K.  We rocked it too.

That’s my twin Heather on the left, then of course, me. I'm beginning to feel a little bit oddly tall. My inspiration Cheryl to my left and the incredible Marathoner Jill on the far right. All of these women inspire me really.

The movie quote reminds me of us.  We run for us.  We run to challenge ourselves.  We run because every time we do it...hell, we can't believe we did it.  We run because when we are running, nothing else seems to matter, and that's just so damn nice sometimes.  Oh, and it feels so good when we finish.  So good.

It's that simple.

No games.

Just sports.'s just the beginning.  Till next time...

Run like a Girl.  Run hard!  Love you ladies!


  1. Very Sweet Post. We are so glad that you run with us too. I have really enjoyed the past couple months. Lunch is the highlight of my day!

  2. I love it Heather - what a beautiful and meaningful "poem" about women running. Running with you girls has brought such joy to my life. I am grateful to be able to run and grateful to have you girls to run with.