Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Rhyme

Once upon a time there was a girl named Heather.  When she was a little girl, people called her Feather.

She grew up, went to college and studied to be an Aerospace Engineer.  Good grief you blessed girl, who put that in your ear?

Who knows...she was good in math and wanted to go to Space, it seemed to her like a wonderful place.

She didn't quite make it there, but she doesn't mind.  She's happier on Earth these days...she's not blind.

She married her first love and how happy he made her, she really loves that he likes to cook her supper  (Oh my God, that's so cheesy).

She's been through it all...bla bla bla bla.  She's glad for the rough times, that's why they make sport bras (OMG).

She runs sometimes because it relieves stress.  She likes to watch her daughter twirl in her dress.

Her boy plays baseball, and he keeps her busy.  She's trying to figure out how to get them to the World Series in Mississippi.

She's proud of him, so she'll figure it out...but honestly, she'd rather take another route.

Perhaps back to New York or California?  Perhaps to Florida or Bora Bora?

Oh well, Mississippi it is.  We've got to play ball.  Good Lord be with them cause it's going to be a tough haul.

I'm quite delirious at the tasks at hand, but I'm glad to be dealt them than be buried in the sand.

I realize now why I'm not an English professor, I need to go put some clothes in my dresser.

Aren't you glad I don't have time for this?  You must be in a tremendous bliss.

I'm impressed you came here anyway, please don't let this post push you away.

I appreciate you very much, you are my family, and I promise I'm about to hush.

I guess I will end with a picture and a wish for a life a little bit simpler.

But, all in all I'm blessed and thankful for my life.  Although, wouldn't it be nice if it was more like Barney Fife's?

I'll be back after baseball when it all settles down, when I'm back to normal or at least less of a clown.

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