Thursday, March 15, 2012

Soccer and I wish I could blog more.

I can't tell the two of you that read this how often I try to sit down and blog and how it bothers me on a grand level that I never have the time to complete a thought.  I feel like so many posts have passed me by.  I started writing the other day and just put it aside because other things in life are more important right now.  Every time I stop in mid thought, I'm reminded of a movie.  I'm sure you know it if you know me and read this.  The movie is My Best Friend's Wedding.  I love this one so much.  Of course, it's a completely different subject, but I totally get the meaning.  Here's the quote:

Michael: "Kimmy says if you love someone you say it, you say it right then, out loud.  Otherwise, the moment just..."
Julianne: "Passes you by."
Michael: "Passes you by.  Yeah."

They are on that beautiful boat in the canal.  Julianne wants so much to tell Michael she loves him, but the moment passes her by.  It's ironic.  Anyway, bottom line, I wish I could blog more.  I want my friends and family to know about the little things they tell me on a daily basis.  I want to share with them how I was feeling that day in time.  I don't like the moments passing me by.

Here's a few things I can remember right now though.

The other morning...I was getting Jesse ready for her first soccer game and we had a discussion about her hair.  I told her it should be up for the big game.  She seemed hesitant.  I said, "Well, since you really want it down, let's just do one pony tail instead of two."  She said, "But Mom, if I do one pony tail, it would be so lonely!"  Astronauts could have seen my smile from the space station.  It was that big.  I made a mental note to remember it, and I'm so glad that I did.  Oh, and there were pig tails.

My sweet Jonah has been so concerned about a child in his class.  He told me that she had no food at home, and he really wanted to help her.  He said she was hungry.  He also said that she never got to participate in field trips, and he was upset for her.  It melted my heart, and I promised him that I would ask his teacher what we could do.  I did, and it turns out the child is OK.  His teacher could not tell me much, but I know her and I trust her.  I feel better about it, but I want to remember this forever.  I want to remember that even though he keeps getting in trouble for talking, that his heart is genuine and kind.  He cares and that's all a Mom can ask for really.

And my love, he goes above and beyond what a husband and father should do.  Bless his heart, he married a girl with no parents.  My love really comes through for me.  I could NOT make it through my life without him.  He meets me in the middle.  He feeds our son breakfast and puts him on the bus.  He busts his ass to get home in the afternoon for baseball and basketball and when I can't be here in time.  He does it all.  Yes, he travels, but when he is here, he's here.  He's totally here.  What more can a girl ask for?  Maybe I ask too much.  I feel guilty that he doesn't have the help, but I'm so proud of him and I assure him that the kids will remember every morning and every afternoon and they will know he was here.  That's really what matters.

And Luke buddy.  What did we ever do without you?  I know you are a dog and can't read and all, but you really, really rock.  You greet us with love and a wagging tail and ears that fall back at first and stand in attention when you are ready for them to.  They finally made it there.  Who writes a note to their dog?  Nuts like me.

So, ok, this is too heavy.  My love is also really good at bubble letters.  I asked him to put Jesse's name on her soccer ball and was pleasantly delighted with his work.  If I did this, it would have been a mess.

Now I have to keep this ball forever.


It was a bright morning before we left for her first soccer game.  We were pretty pumped.


We are ALWAYS running late, but somehow we made it to the field first on this early Saturday morning.  It was cool, but my friend, the Sun, pulled through for us and it was beautiful.


She was so eager and so excited.  She was a little concerned about her ball getting dirty, but that passed by really quickly.


Her buddy, Egan, arrived.  They have been friends since they were in diapers.  They are true Kindred Spirits.


They stuck together most of the time.  It was so fun to watch.  We felt a sense of pride.  "Look at them!"


She smiled a lot.  She was happy.

The game started and they were a little confused, but caught on pretty quick.


I have no idea who won this game.  I don't even know if they actually keep score.  All I know is that these two children were so happy to be there and just had a lot of pure fun.

And they played again on Sunday, and I noticed this right here.  You see that?  You see her sort of leaning in and the slight tilt of the leg?  Oh my.  On Sunday, she was sure that Egan was close to her at all times.  The coach even mentioned it to me.  I found it so sweet.

And after the game Sunday, well, she was pooped.  She ran really hard.  She was always eager to join in.  I am so very proud of her I could explode.

So, this moment I will always remember.  It didn't pass me by.

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  1. Beautiful!!! I love how you expressed yourself here. Have a great weekend Rolands!