Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Second Grade Spelling and Icup

So, I was talking to my twin (I don't really have a twin, just my friend who shares my name and one of the few that even reads this, but anyway).  We were talking about school work and spelling tests.  I thought of her tonight as I was doing the spelling drill with Jonah.

He's in second grade and tonight he learned to spell "nuisance."

I asked him if he knew what it meant.  He said, "annoying."

"Dang, pretty good!" I said.

After math and spelling were complete, I put him in the tub and he said this to me, "Mama, spell Icup."

I said, "Icup?  What is Icup?"

He said again, "Spell Icup!"

"Ok Jonah, hmmmm.  I-C-U-P."

Then he started laughing at me.  And he started saying, "I-C-U-Peeee, I-C-U-Peeee!"

How in the world was I not supposed to laugh at that?  He totally got me.

He said he made that up.  Who knows?  I think it is great though.  I'm all about using silly songs and phrases to help you remember things.

It was a nice laugh, because homework is such a nuisance.  (That's not how we used the word tonight though.  No, no!  Homework is fun!)

Yeah, right.

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