Saturday, January 15, 2011


Jesse girl just fell asleep in my arms.  She's breathing so hard.  I can't believe I am not taking her picture.  What a day.  I am listening to the final Dora song.  "We did it!  We did it!  We did it!  Yeah!"  I don't think I have ever had to endure a character that gets on my nerves more.  But, I endure her.  I endure her for Jesse.  I do miss Elmo.

We finally got her and her brother out of the house today after a week of being snowed in.  I thought they would be going crazy to get out...turns out that as long and Grandmommy is around, it doesn't matter.  But, we got them out anyway.  It was nice.

My attention is on my love at the moment.  He has been busy during these snow days.  I showed him plans for a bookshelf for the playroom online and he was all over it.  Mind you...he has little tools, but he was all over it.  

I had no idea that when I jumped in that Toyota truck that night that I would end up here.  He had me at Hello...or whatever.  I sat on the floor and watched him building this bookshelf for my angels.  I'm sure he thought I would blog about it.  I'm sure he thought it would be "Look at this!"  But, it's more than that.  It's more about this...Hey, Jonah and Jesse...your Daddy rocks.  He did this for you.  And guess how much I love him for it?  I can never put it into words.

They are in the storage room in our basement.  Excuse my Monica like tub labeling.  I can't help myself. Back to my love....

He's going to be thrilled I posted these.  Probably not.  It's ok.  He will forgive me.

Holly crap.  This is going to happen.  $69 bookshelves.  I totally almost paid Pottery Barn a grand.

He moves me.  Good Lord.


They do a mean prime coat.

I'll have to post more of the finished day...when we finish it.  Right now, well right now, I just have him on my mind.  And I want him to know...well...I saw sparks.

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