Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So, the awesome thing about the trampoline, besides jumping with the kids, is that it gives me the most perfect opportunity to practice my action shots.  Good-bye blur.  I think I'm getting it.  And guess what people...it's not that hard.  It's all about Shutter Speed.  

My granny would have said right now, "Well, I do declare."  

Yep, it's not that difficult.  You can do it too.  Follow these incredible instructions right here. (Read that entire series if you have time.)

Granted, these are not perfect.  Getting them to face the sun when they jumped wasn't the easiest task. "Get on that corner and look this way!"  Yeah, right.  This part is just luck when you get it right.  I think so anyway.

It was still chilly.  The hat was a necessity for little one.  But it caused a little problem.

Little dark there on one side, but looky here...motion without the blur.

"Hey, where did everybody go?"

"Jonah, look at the sun and do that!"

"Jesse, how about showing me that sweet face?"

Little bit better.  Half the face lit anyway.

"Hey Jesse!  Over here!"

And a glimpse.  Please don't lose those cheeks my angel.

His head went through the trampoline.

Just kidding.  I should position myself better.  Actually, he was just standing on it and was very proud of himself for it.

Now, Jesse sort of trots along.  She's not jumping as high as her brother.  Not yet anyway.

I thought this was a nice, sweet playful pose.  Ah, they love each other.  They play so well together.

But...my love just informed me while looking over my shoulder that Jonah has her in a deathly, Jiu-Jitsu Gi hold (a Gi is his uniform top in Jiu-Jitsu, and this is a technique he is learning).  Oh yeah, seems like I remember a "playful" throw to the trampoline.  Poor Jesse.  She didn't have a clue.  Perhaps I should look out for this more?  Oh well, there were no tears.  She probably just enjoyed the attention.

And I enjoyed this time more than they could ever possibly know.  I'll be there.  I'll watch you grow on this trampoline.  I'll capture all I can and I will thoroughly enjoy every minute of it.  No other place on this earth that I would rather be.

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