Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rare like Double Rainbows

Jesse had a pretty rough weekend.  First of all, she's got the crud.  Her voice has been going.  Actually, she has this really cool raspy voice that is pretty awesome to hear. Second, she busted it at baseball practice.  She slid on the rocks as if she was racing home at the bottom of the ninth with the winning run. Scored an extra popsicle and several Dora bandaids for that one.  Third, she fell down the stairs to the basement trying to keep up with her brother who thought it was a good idea to run and skip a few steps at a time.  With this came a nice fat lip.  She is truly my child.

After the fat lip incident, we were calming down in my bedroom with Elmo.  Elmo Goes Potty I believe.  Yeah, that one.  Jonah stayed by her side.  He stayed there even though he "has a headache of Elmo."  He offered up a few things to Jesse, like the blue ball he was holding as he ran down those stairs.  She wasn't interested.  Then something else...then, "Is there ANYthing I can get for you Jesse?"  At that moment, I'm pretty sure I heard my heart explode.  "No" she said.  And then, I started staring at this other child of mine.

Even with her quick denial, he stayed with us.  And he watched Elmo with that headache. And he was obviously into it, not that he would ever admit it.  Brother, there is no denying it really.

And I kept going back and forth.  Oh Good Lord, I love these two children.  Did you send me this beautiful natural light just to help brighten her spirits?  If so, thanks.  Maybe it was more for me, because I sat there in complete awe.  How could these two be mine?  I should say ours because I know my love does the same thing.

This was another one of those moments that I will remember forever.  These pictures are some of my favorite lately.  I realize that they are so much more meaningful than others where I'm trying so hard to get a perfect portrait.  Behind these are memories.  At this moment, I witnessed the sweetest sibling love.  I know, I know...it's like a rainbow.  You have to stop and really take it in because you don't see them very often.  Like that double rainbow their Grandmommy was telling me about the other day!  Most of the time I'm saying..."Jonah, what did you do [to her]?"  Or "Jesse, don't touch him!"  But this moment was beautiful.  Rare, like double rainbows.  I'm so glad I had a front row view.  So very glad and so very blessed.

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