Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Three years ago you came into our lives and completed us.  We had no idea to what degree.  This last year your personality blossomed, and we fell even harder.  We all did.

Your eyes shine Jesse.  They are windows to a beautiful soul.

Oh, your cheeks.  They are something.  I don't ever want them to go away.

You are dreamy my sweet angel.  I can't tell you how many nights you asked me to go see the moon.  I've told you this many times.  You have so much depth already.

Your hair curls in humidity.  I love it.  I dream about it.

Sometimes when you look at me, I feel like you are looking into my soul.  Can you do that?

I can't figure out how to tell you how perfectly beautiful and wonderful you are inside and out.

You are irresistible.  Don't ever forget that.  Don't you ever let anyone tell you differently.

Thank you for wearing hats.  Thank you for loving accessories.  It's just the beginning isn't it?

And thank you for this.  I want to write a children's book about you and put this on the cover.  Oh, it's just perfect to me.

Angel sleeping.  Oh my sweet angel in your princess gown, with your pink, pony pacy and finally in your big girl bed...sometimes.

Reminding me how beautiful and wonderful and what a miracle you are on any regular old day.  You do that a lot.

It's like you are telling me to not ever worry.  Life is perfect and just how it should be.  Your eyes tell me that.  Did you know your eyes talked to me?

This year you really started making decisions for yourself....what pajamas you wanted to wear...what costume you wanted for Halloween.  You always got it right.  You are becoming you...I like what I'm seeing.

Happiness and joy surround you.  It's part of the package.  You, my Jesse girl, well...look out world.  She's here.

She's three.  She's spectacular.  

Please never stop gently touching my cheek as you drift to sleep.  

Oh God, the love of a child is so pure. And my love for you Jesse girl...it's pure too.  It's forever.  Is forever enough?  Cause I'm never, never giving you up.

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  1. Happy Birthday Jesse! I love your little blue eyes!